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Lead: Dmitry Yemanov
Description: Firebird database engine, all architectures and platform ports

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Open Issues

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(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Bug CORE-3428 UNRESOLVED Alter column size not possible when column used in Constraint Blocker Open
   Bug CORE-5849 UNRESOLVED Alter function result type and run query can cause server to crash (utf8 only) Critical Open
   Bug CORE-6073 UNRESOLVED Corruption risk on drop table with non exclusive connection Critical Open
   New Feature CORE-3497 UNRESOLVED Datatypes Critical Open
   Bug CORE-3767 UNRESOLVED Embedded Firebird crashes inside of Jrd::LockManager::blocking_action_thread() Critical Open
   Bug CORE-3550 UNRESOLVED Error writing data to the connection (2.5.1) / transactions reliability / database corruption Critical Open
   Bug CORE-6405 UNRESOLVED Fatal Lock Manager Error - Doubled Records in rdb$procedure_parameters Critical Open
   Bug CORE-3857 UNRESOLVED Firebird hangs for a while blocking all DB operations periodically. Critical Open
   Bug CORE-4209 UNRESOLVED Firebird memory not released (Using superserver) *Linux* Critical Open
   Bug CORE-4812 UNRESOLVED Gbak cannot restore database with cyclic dependencies between views Critical Open
   Bug CORE-5280 UNRESOLVED Grant field rights + grant select to package = internal Firebird consistency check (bad ACL (293), file: grant.cpp line: 2431) Critical Open
   Bug CORE-3069 UNRESOLVED Index corrupted Critical Open
   Bug CORE-6005 UNRESOLVED Multiple records UPDATE overwrite TRIGGERS modification in the same table. Critical Open
   Bug CORE-4925 UNRESOLVED Order By is not working when the column is a math calculation with the Rand function Critical Open
   Bug CORE-4732 UNRESOLVED Series of transactions are repeated automatically after system abnormal shutdown Critical Open
   Bug CORE-6075 UNRESOLVED Trace configuration is not validated on session start Critical Open
   Bug CORE-3962 UNRESOLVED Trusted Authentication is not working for Windows 8 Critical Open
   Bug CORE-6234 UNRESOLVED Unable to alter Database On Connect Trigger Critical Open
   Bug CORE-3765 UNRESOLVED VARCHAR ARRAY of UTF8 Charset fails Critical Open
   Bug CORE-5459 UNRESOLVED do not delete * from mytable (21 records) Critical Open
   Bug CORE-3492 UNRESOLVED gbak: ERROR:BLOB not found Critical Open
   Bug CORE-5113 UNRESOLVED incorrect update of newly added column from older connection - column value is changed to null even if not included in update statement Critical Open
   Bug CORE-6059 UNRESOLVED nbackup unlock causes internal Firebird consistency check (next transaction older than oldest active transaction) Critical Open
   Improvement CORE-3622 UNRESOLVED Classic: Stopping Windows Service leaves one or more instances of fb_inet_server.exe running Critical Reopened
   Bug CORE-4042 UNRESOLVED "Fatal lock manager error: invalid lock id (0), errno: 0" when shutting down database with "gfix -shut full -force nnn" Major Open
   Bug CORE-6256 UNRESOLVED "Nested aggregate functions are not allowed" error on FB30 Major Open
   New Feature CORE-4687 UNRESOLVED "SuperIndex" for string serching Major Open
   Bug CORE-2446 UNRESOLVED "firebird_trace_mutex" global object cannot be created from client library, when server engine is running as service on the same machine Major Open
   Bug CORE-2693 UNRESOLVED "semget failed" using gfix or gbak Major Open
   Bug CORE-5798 UNRESOLVED "where" condition applies wrongly Major Open
   Improvement CORE-3939 UNRESOLVED 6 digit precision added to timestamp format Major Open
   Improvement CORE-3013 UNRESOLVED A data source for JOIN that is result of aggregating must be used only one time Major Open
   Bug CORE-2892 UNRESOLVED A stack overflow results with a large IN clause statement Major Open
   Bug CORE-5827 UNRESOLVED ALTER CURRENT USER fails with "no permission for <...> TABLE PLG$SRP" if current user: 1) has NO admin role and 2) wants to modify his own TAGS list Major Open
   Bug CORE-429 UNRESOLVED ALTER TABLE - DROP/ADD columns in a single statement Major Open
   Bug CORE-3060 UNRESOLVED ALTER VIEW fails when updating two or more related views in one transaction Major Open
   Bug CORE-2734 UNRESOLVED ALTER VIEW opens a can of worms for (invalid) recursive views Major Open
   Bug CORE-3716 UNRESOLVED ARRAY of VARCHAR not utilizing the length indicator byte pair Major Open
   New Feature CORE-6126 UNRESOLVED Ability to bind FirebirdSQL Server to multiple addresses. Major Open
   New Feature CORE-693 UNRESOLVED Ability to clear/delete External Tables Major Open
   New Feature CORE-2201 UNRESOLVED Ability to specify length for index segments to be indexed on char-based columns Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4580 UNRESOLVED Accessible field values in UPDATE OR INSERT INTO Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4458 UNRESOLVED Add CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(4) and CURRENT_TIME(4) Major Open
   New Feature CORE-2479 UNRESOLVED Add TRUNCATE TABLE Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4017 UNRESOLVED Add Transaction Parameters in Autonomous Transactions Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4015 UNRESOLVED Add Transaction Parameters in input parameters for EXECUTE STATEMENT Major Open
   New Feature CORE-2474 UNRESOLVED Add a Monitoring Table to report Missed indexes (or INDEX MISS report) Major Open
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