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Lead: Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Description: Character sets and collation definitions.

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Open Issues

42 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Bug CORE-4060 UNRESOLVED Bug with case insensitive and accent insensitive collation: group by, distinct and "=" work different, recreate PK "explode" Critical Open
   Bug CORE-4325 UNRESOLVED COLLATION UNICODE_CI_AI does not work Critical Open
   Bug CORE-5202 UNRESOLVED "Cannot transliterate character between character sets" with UPPER('ƒ') in Win1252 connection or UPPER(cast(x'83' as varchar(1) character set win1252)) in any connection Major Open
   Bug CORE-2902 UNRESOLVED "String truncation" error when using "type of column" on UNICODE_FSS column, and non-UNICODE_FSS client charset Major Open
   Bug CORE-4803 UNRESOLVED Accent-insensitive comparison of cyrillic 'И' (U+0418) and 'Й' (U+0419) should be the same as 'Е' (U+0415) and 'Ё' (U+0401) Major Open
   Bug CORE-172 UNRESOLVED CYRL charset collations are wrong Major Open
   Bug CORE-892 UNRESOLVED Can't create table with Chinese table name which is not quoted by double quotation marks Major Open
   Bug CORE-3411 UNRESOLVED Cannot attach to user manager with non-ascii symbols in password Major Open
   Bug CORE-3350 UNRESOLVED Cannot transliterate blobs utf-8 and multiple call isc_put_segment Major Open
   Bug CORE-5316 UNRESOLVED EXECUTE BLOCK parameter character set comes from attachment not declaration Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4863 UNRESOLVED Ensure correct international input on windows text console with OEM codepage selected Major Open
   Bug CORE-5680 UNRESOLVED FB 3.0 crashes when trying to RE_create two tables and define master-detail link between them using text fields with different character sets Major Open
   Bug CORE-4404 UNRESOLVED Firebird 2.5.1 UTF8 database, WIN1250 client problem Major Open
   Bug CORE-1502 UNRESOLVED Index of many unicode characters results in "internal gds software consistency check" Major Open
   Bug CORE-4787 UNRESOLVED Index on field defined with "collate unicode_ci" is not used in GROUP BY on that field Major Open
   Bug CORE-5079 UNRESOLVED Maximal length of user attribute (first-, middle- and lastname) can not exceed 32 OCTETS (rather than CHARACTERS) on FB-3, 31 octets on FB 2.5 Major Open
   Bug CORE-4894 UNRESOLVED Message 'malformed string' appear instead of 'expected length 8191, actual NNNN' when trying to generate UTF8 multi-byte chars with char_length >= 10922 Major Open
   Bug CORE-5377 UNRESOLVED No error when fetching row with UTF8 blob that cannot be transliterated to connection character set. Major Open
   Bug CORE-227 UNRESOLVED ORDER BY works wrong with COLLATION CS_CZ Major Open
   New Feature CORE-1050 UNRESOLVED Please add UTF-16 charset Major Open
   Bug CORE-3597 UNRESOLVED Problem with updatable view when the source field type not exact the field to store the data. (extra trailing spaces are added by firebird) Major Open
   Bug CORE-5288 UNRESOLVED Regression: CAST of numeric values (DOUBLE, FLOAT and NUMERIC data types) to VARCHAR generates inconsistent/different results Major Open
   Bug CORE-4749 UNRESOLVED SIMILAR TO can raise 'INVALID PATTERN' when 1) connection charset = UTF8 and console is narrow one (dos866 or win1251) and 2) running two separate statements without COMMIT between them Major Open
   Bug CORE-5940 UNRESOLVED Sort order is wrong when ordering by multiple columns starting with collate UNICODE_CI or UNICODE_CI_AI Major Open
   Bug CORE-5255 UNRESOLVED String truncation exception on UPPER/LOWER functions, UTF8 database and some multibyte characters Major Open
   Bug CORE-3840 UNRESOLVED Too many fetches on some patterns with STARTING WITH Major Open
   Bug CORE-2800 UNRESOLVED UNICODE_FSS column allows to enter more characters than specified Major Open
   Bug CORE-5947 UNRESOLVED UTF8 Collation UNICODE_CI_AI not working as expected causing poor performance in database Major Open
   Bug CORE-4548 UNRESOLVED UTF8 Latvian collation is wrong for 4 letters: A E I U. Major Open
   Bug CORE-3928 UNRESOLVED order select * from table where ci_ai_field collate UNICODE = 'c' is case insensitive Major Reopened
   Bug CORE-1335 UNRESOLVED wrong order for Chinese characters with CHARACTER SET GBK Major Reopened
   Improvement CORE-1202 UNRESOLVED "alter domain" supporting collation change Minor Open
   Bug CORE-1585 UNRESOLVED 2.1 beta 2 can't restore DB with rights granted to non-ascii users Minor Open
   New Feature CORE-1942 UNRESOLVED Allow Charset to be changed during database restore Minor Open
   New Feature CORE-1645 UNRESOLVED Case preserve behaviour Minor Open
   Bug CORE-4213 UNRESOLVED Change of character set in ALTER COLUMN does not work (FB2.5) Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-2641 UNRESOLVED ICU Projects in Visual Studio Minor Open
   Bug CORE-1251 UNRESOLVED Illegal characters in field name crashes database Minor Open
   New Feature CORE-1134 UNRESOLVED Set default character set on database creation to something other than NONE Minor Open
   Bug CORE-5361 UNRESOLVED accented characters (multi-byte) in field names are been counted Incorrectly Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-1201 UNRESOLVED 0 = ? = ? = ? in CI_AI Collations Trivial Open
   Improvement CORE-4231 UNRESOLVED Context Variables are always character set NONE Trivial Open
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