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Description: All external UDF libraries included in standard Firebird distribution.

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Open Issues

23 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Bug CORE-4088 UNRESOLVED isc_encode_timestamp and isc_decode timestamp crach firebird superserver if used in UDF Critical Open
   New Feature CORE-638 UNRESOLVED Add statistical fucntions (as agreg.?) Major Open
   New Feature CORE-768 UNRESOLVED Build-in function to handle ACL-fields Major Open
   New Feature CORE-661 UNRESOLVED Get a whole record as a single object Major Open
   Improvement CORE-2941 UNRESOLVED Get more actions with context variables Major Open
   New Feature CORE-765 UNRESOLVED Global UDF's Major Open
   Improvement CORE-2193 UNRESOLVED How to see cause why FireBird does not see UDF? Major Open
   Bug CORE-3952 UNRESOLVED Increasing database filesize with Blob in UDF functions Major Open
   Bug CORE-6333 UNRESOLVED Not checked the availability of the UDF Major Open
   Bug CORE-5306 UNRESOLVED Problem to use FreeAdHocUDF the firebird 3 Major Open
   New Feature CORE-804 UNRESOLVED Raising a db exception within an UDF Major Open
   Improvement CORE-742 UNRESOLVED UDF division by 0 Major Open
   Bug CORE-5007 UNRESOLVED UDF returning 0 for a varchar pointer aborts engine Major Open
   Improvement CORE-646 UNRESOLVED UDF with no return value Major Open
   Bug CORE-1973 UNRESOLVED UDFs dropped are not removed from the metadata cache Major Open
   Bug CORE-5513 UNRESOLVED since version 3. external UDF function named TRIM cannot be removed Major Open
   New Feature CORE-690 UNRESOLVED udf's adaptive return type Major Open
   New Feature CORE-1326 UNRESOLVED Aggregate UDF Minor Open
   New Feature CORE-4406 UNRESOLVED New built-in functions for working with unix time Minor Open
   Bug CORE-5317 UNRESOLVED Stack overflow in cvt.cpp with invalid DSC from UDF Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-5315 UNRESOLVED UDF by descriptor parameters sometimes get ttype_dynamic for character set Minor Open
   New Feature CORE-3566 UNRESOLVED sha-1 or md5 in standard UDF Minor Open
   New Feature CORE-5619 UNRESOLVED Sleep function into fbudf Trivial Open
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