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Lead: Vlad Khorsun

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Open Issues

22 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Bug CORE-4042 UNRESOLVED "Fatal lock manager error: invalid lock id (0), errno: 0" when shutting down database with "gfix -shut full -force nnn" Major Open
   Bug CORE-2693 UNRESOLVED "semget failed" using gfix or gbak Major Open
   Improvement CORE-3818 UNRESOLVED Add -no_wait switch to gfix -shut Major Open
   Improvement CORE-2383 UNRESOLVED Add prefix to the output for recovery process (by gfix or appropariate service) or put gfix/recovery output to the other file Major Open
   Bug CORE-4745 UNRESOLVED Auto sweeper kills its own connection Major Open
   Bug CORE-5505 UNRESOLVED Database file can remain opened after issuing 'gfix -v -full' when some of DB page(s) is corrupted Major Open
   Bug CORE-4050 UNRESOLVED Error when we try restore an backup using Gbak and FB 2.0 Major Open
   Bug CORE-1683 UNRESOLVED Firebird tools sometimes fail when scripted in single-user mode Major Open
   Bug CORE-3375 UNRESOLVED Gfix (sweep) is running for 3 days now :( Major Open
   Bug CORE-1041 UNRESOLVED Gfix and Limbo Transactions Major Open
   Improvement CORE-2212 UNRESOLVED Improve GFIX abilities to full database integrity check Major Open
   Improvement CORE-6140 UNRESOLVED Increase max length of buffer that contains ID of transactions in limbo state (that can be seen by 'gfix -list ....' or obtained by API call) Major Open
   Bug CORE-6103 UNRESOLVED Invocation of 'gfix -shut full -force 0 localhost:/path/to/db' leads FB to crash Major Open
   Bug CORE-4028 UNRESOLVED aliases.conf # reading error Major Open
   Bug CORE-4560 UNRESOLVED gfix -v -full hangs without message "Resource temporarily unavailable" when .fdb is opened by some attach (only in SuperCLASSIC) Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4810 UNRESOLVED Cannot shutdown database with operations running against table that has indexed COMPUTED BY 'heavy' expression field Minor Open
   Bug CORE-1257 UNRESOLVED FB sometimes crashes after GFIX Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-1429 UNRESOLVED Some gfix messages are obscure and unfriendly Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-5944 UNRESOLVED Validation: provide ability to filter messages by severity (e.g. prohibit output of warnings, only errors are interested) Minor Open
   New Feature CORE-2667 UNRESOLVED Verbose mode for gfix Minor Open
   New Feature CORE-2708 UNRESOLVED defragmentation feature of pages for on-line database Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-4427 UNRESOLVED Coordinate index numbers between gfix and gstat Trivial Open
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