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   Bug CORE-3699 UNRESOLVED After gbak -b system memory will not be released Critical Open
   Bug CORE-4835 UNRESOLVED GBAK crashes / freeze Firebird server on restore over existing database Critical Open
   Bug CORE-4812 UNRESOLVED Gbak cannot restore database with cyclic dependencies between views Critical Open
   Bug CORE-6270 UNRESOLVED No restore database with FB/Java External Engine Plugin Critical Open
   Bug CORE-3492 UNRESOLVED gbak: ERROR:BLOB not found Critical Open
   Bug CORE-2693 UNRESOLVED "semget failed" using gfix or gbak Major Open
   New Feature CORE-5115 UNRESOLVED Add possibility to backup and restore database including index data (pages) not only definition Major Open
   New Feature CORE-5125 UNRESOLVED Add possibility to mark all pages at e.g. restore time as not writable for new incoming data Major Open
   New Feature CORE-6121 UNRESOLVED Add switch to gbak to specify initial "Oldest Transaction Number" value on Restore Major Open
   New Feature CORE-3668 UNRESOLVED Allow at backup time possibility to order data in tables Major Open
   Bug CORE-3865 UNRESOLVED Bugcheck 179 (decompression overran buffer) on backup and server crash (internal Firebird consistency check) on selecting records Major Open
   Improvement CORE-1663 UNRESOLVED Checksum for backup files Major Open
   Bug CORE-3485 UNRESOLVED Deleting records in the table rdb$dependencies Major Open
   Bug CORE-4050 UNRESOLVED Error when we try restore an backup using Gbak and FB 2.0 Major Open
   Bug CORE-1683 UNRESOLVED Firebird tools sometimes fail when scripted in single-user mode Major Open
   Bug CORE-6082 UNRESOLVED From time to time handle to restore of security3.fdb backup is not released by firebird.exe (using service_mgr) Major Open
   Bug CORE-4845 UNRESOLVED GBAK fails for big tables with BLOBs Major Open
   Bug CORE-5263 UNRESOLVED GBAK ignores double quotes in source/destination file name Major Open
   Bug CORE-424 UNRESOLVED GBAK should validate data during backup, not restore Major Open
   Bug CORE-3165 UNRESOLVED Incorrect record size when using computed fields Major Open
   Improvement CORE-2338 UNRESOLVED More robust gbak Major Open
   Bug CORE-2394 UNRESOLVED Muti-files restore fails under Vista 64 or Windows 2008 64bits (not under 32 bits) Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4328 UNRESOLVED Provide ability to specify temporary TempCacheLimit value during restore via command line switch Major Open
   Bug CORE-4340 UNRESOLVED Restore fails if one stored procedure is incorrect Major Open
   Sub-task CORE-5963 UNRESOLVED CORE-4661
Restore parameter to convert one byte character set to UTF-8
Major Open
   Bug CORE-3927 UNRESOLVED Restore's hung for big database. Major Open
   Bug CORE-3661 UNRESOLVED Restoring a backup from FB 2.5.1 enters in infinete loop before restore Major Open
   Improvement CORE-2992 UNRESOLVED Shorten backup/restore duration Major Open
   Improvement CORE-1030 UNRESOLVED Switch to restore "non valid" data and constraints Major Open
   Bug CORE-4509 UNRESOLVED The database restored by gbak has a substantial loss of performance Major Open
   Bug CORE-6377 UNRESOLVED Unable to restore database with tables using GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY columns (ERROR:OVERRIDING SYSTEM VALUE should be used) Major Open
   Bug CORE-5486 UNRESOLVED Using GBAK to restore a 3GB+ database infinite "restoring privilege for user SYSDBA gbak" Major Open
   Bug CORE-4028 UNRESOLVED aliases.conf # reading error Major Open
   Bug CORE-5116 UNRESOLVED gbak backup error Major Open
   Bug CORE-5520 UNRESOLVED gbak isn't returning exit code about errors when using service manager (-se) Major Open
   New Feature CORE-3956 UNRESOLVED gbak option to not write the creation date in the backup file Major Open
   Bug CORE-5842 UNRESOLVED gbak with Servicemanager an Blank in Backupfilename dosn't work Major Open
   Bug CORE-5998 UNRESOLVED x32 gbak: ERROR:unable to allocate memory from operating system with -ONE_AT_A_TIME Major Open
   Improvement CORE-3864 UNRESOLVED Allow to create, backup and restore database to a non existing directory on remote server Minor Open
   Bug CORE-5365 UNRESOLVED Authentication for gbak broken in v.2.5.6 Minor Open
   New Feature CORE-1365 UNRESOLVED Create a new param in GBAK to backup / restore tables/indexes in parallel (using all CPUs in CpuAffinity) Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-6164 UNRESOLVED Data pages of newly gbak restored databases should marked as "swept" Minor Open
   Bug CORE-3293 UNRESOLVED Error at grants restore for renamed column Minor Open
   Bug CORE-5334 UNRESOLVED GBAK ERROR:Malformed string (different Linux distribution and bitness) Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-2037 UNRESOLVED Gbak shouldn't rewrite backup file by default Minor Open
   Bug CORE-3429 UNRESOLVED Part of gbak messages from services is lost before error message Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-3146 UNRESOLVED Progress output in GBAK Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-5785 UNRESOLVED Provision of a gbak Restore Option to ignore grants to users Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-5571 UNRESOLVED Restore database and leave it in single user shutdown state Minor Open
   New Feature CORE-4284 UNRESOLVED add index statistics on restore output (gbak, svc) Minor Open
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