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Lead: Paul Reeves
Description: Installation scripts only. Other helper scripts installed along the engine (like changeDBSPassword) belong to separate component Scripts.

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Open Issues

38 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Improvement CORE-5559 UNRESOLVED Add an option to Linux installer to not start the server after the install Major Open
   New Feature CORE-4664 UNRESOLVED Allow user to specify Firebir Service instance name when install Firebird Major Open
   Bug CORE-5491 UNRESOLVED Centos 7.3 - cannot install from .rpm, conflict with package filesystem Major Open
   Improvement CORE-3562 UNRESOLVED Change the default Additional Tasks options when the Firebird is installed Major Open
   Bug CORE-6011 UNRESOLVED Enabling legacy authentication in Windows installer leads to less secure config than possible Major Open
   Bug CORE-2011 UNRESOLVED FB 2.1 installer command line Major Open
   Bug CORE-6051 UNRESOLVED FB 3.0.4/Win - offers installation of gds32 and fbclient.dll - but does not deliver Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4608 UNRESOLVED Improve Windows installer web page loading in the end of installation Major Open
   Bug CORE-6295 UNRESOLVED Incomplete header files Major Open
   Bug CORE-6390 UNRESOLVED Installation FirebirdCS 2.5.7 on SLES 15 SP2 "No provider found to "_tmpRPMcache_" Major Open
   Bug CORE-1557 UNRESOLVED Installation error on 2003 server Major Open
   Bug CORE-404 UNRESOLVED Need Service dependencies to keep running longterm Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4979 UNRESOLVED No Guidance for MacOSX Installation Major Open
   Bug CORE-3832 UNRESOLVED Problem with Install Command line /COPYFBCLIENT FB 2.5.1 Major Open
   Bug CORE-5599 UNRESOLVED Problems with include files in Windows packages Major Open
   Bug CORE-1697 UNRESOLVED Repeat install of same version when guardian has not been installed will not detect existing installation Major Open
   Bug CORE-1855 UNRESOLVED The InnoSetup script doesn't detect the installed client library if its version is 2.1 Major Open
   Improvement CORE-3641 UNRESOLVED Win64: installer is better to check for MS VC rutime presence Major Open
   Bug CORE-4028 UNRESOLVED aliases.conf # reading error Major Open
   New Feature CORE-2536 UNRESOLVED have installer ask for and set SYSDBA password & port Major Open
   Improvement CORE-1709 UNRESOLVED install_classic.bat should not install Guardian per default Major Open
   Bug CORE-5235 UNRESOLVED /SUPPORTLEGACYCLIENTAUTH not working on 3.0 x64 installer Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-2661 UNRESOLVED Allow instsvc to provide command-line arguments for server executable startup Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-5942 UNRESOLVED Async write for security#.fdb as default Minor Open
   Bug CORE-4110 UNRESOLVED FB 2.5 Windows installer doesn't detect existing FB 2.1 install Minor Open
   Bug CORE-1109 UNRESOLVED FB control panel applet installation Minor Open
   Bug CORE-4336 UNRESOLVED Firebird.msg is not installed with client Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-1959 UNRESOLVED Install on On Windows XP (ask to add Firewall exception) Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-4223 UNRESOLVED Installation under LINUX from snaposhot: provide ability to specify arguments to Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-6112 UNRESOLVED Instsvc does not add quotes to the service-path in registry Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-3648 UNRESOLVED Never use spaces in service short name Minor Open
   Bug CORE-1391 UNRESOLVED The "VERY SILENT" / "SILENT" install does not seem to perform the same tasks as an interactive install on Windows Vista Minor Open
   Bug CORE-6372 UNRESOLVED fbguard.exe doesn't install if there is already another FB installation in the same machine Minor Open
   Bug CORE-1285 UNRESOLVED silence unable to copy gds32.dll in system32 directory Minor Open
   Bug CORE-3900 UNRESOLVED VC runtime installer can reboot system prior to installation finishing Minor In Progress
   Bug CORE-3910 UNRESOLVED Cannot uninstall Firebird 2.5.1 on 32 bit Windows XP Trivial Open
   Improvement CORE-1698 UNRESOLVED Command line switch to prevent installation of guardian Trivial Open
   Bug CORE-4626 UNRESOLVED instclient usage help doesn't document remove -force Trivial Open
Released 3.0.5 1
Released 3.0.6 1
  Unscheduled 36

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