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   Bug CORE-5608 UNRESOLVED Massive blob field usage end up in exception in fbclient.dll / with error "Invalid Blob ID" Critical Open
   Bug CORE-6299 UNRESOLVED Param Datatype detection wrong, if coalesce used Critical Open
   Bug CORE-5987 UNRESOLVED String parameter works incorrect with "or" operator "arithmetic exception numeric overflow or string truncation" Critical Open
   Bug CORE-4014 UNRESOLVED When you create a record with a field that must be unique, in an open transaction, if connection is lost suddenly, you can not create the same record, until after some time. Critical Open
   Bug CORE-6154 UNRESOLVED Windows Server 2016: "Operating system call CryptAcquireContext failed. Error code 127 Firebird Critical Open
   Bug CORE-5254 UNRESOLVED isc_que_events callback function randomly return invalid Update Buffer Critical Open
   Bug CORE-2446 UNRESOLVED "firebird_trace_mutex" global object cannot be created from client library, when server engine is running as service on the same machine Major Open
   Improvement CORE-6540 UNRESOLVED A way for a replication plugin to refuse attachment Major Open
   Bug CORE-2841 UNRESOLVED Access to UDF / BLOB module "fbudf" is denied by server administrator error on embed Major Open
   Bug CORE-1789 UNRESOLVED Access to children of multiple transaction Major Open
   Improvement CORE-3689 UNRESOLVED Access to provider interfaces from trace plugin Major Open
   Improvement CORE-5176 UNRESOLVED Add interface replacing isc_event_block() and isc_event_counts() functions Major Open
   Improvement CORE-6013 UNRESOLVED Add the ability to specify in the isc_dsql_fetch (or in another API) how many records need to be prefetched from the server Major Open
   New Feature CORE-4389 UNRESOLVED Allow isc_seek on segmented blobs with seekmode absolute (0), and relative(1) with a positive value Major Open
   Improvement CORE-2805 UNRESOLVED Allow to remotely clear the log file Major Open
   Bug CORE-4818 UNRESOLVED Appverifier reports memory with active critical section freed when fbclient.dll is unloaded Major Open
   Bug CORE-5260 UNRESOLVED Authentication plugin names are strictly case-sensitive on all platforms Major Open
   Bug CORE-3882 UNRESOLVED Bopen doesn't use BPB to set BLOB type to isc_bpb_type_stream Major Open
   New Feature CORE-1849 UNRESOLVED Clear server metadata cache Major Open
   Bug CORE-2130 UNRESOLVED Client could crash if DDL and DML are executed in the same transaction Major Open
   Improvement CORE-5185 UNRESOLVED Connection string: to have option demanding/prohibiting use of embedded (in-process) engine. Major Open
   Bug CORE-5405 UNRESOLVED Consuming memory on Connect / Disconnect to Firebird server Major Open
   Bug CORE-3680 UNRESOLVED EXECUTE BLOCK statement and ISC_DSQL_EXECUTE2() problem. Major Open
   Bug CORE-2490 UNRESOLVED Excessive time taken to return from isql issued CONNECT. Major Open
   Improvement CORE-5483 UNRESOLVED Expand functionality of null indicator in API Major Open
   New Feature CORE-3752 UNRESOLVED Extend the TracePlugin Interface Major Open
   Bug CORE-3470 UNRESOLVED FB 2.5 do raise an error when attempting to remove a non existing user, while previous versions were silent about that? Major Open
   Bug CORE-4043 UNRESOLVED FBCLIENT.DLL forces Delphi to ignore EZeroDivide exceptions Major Open
   Improvement CORE-6519 UNRESOLVED Freeing a statement using DSQL_drop or DSQL_unprepare should send free packet immediately Major Open
   Bug CORE-1553 UNRESOLVED ISC_ARRAY_DESC::array_desc_length is not linked with the connection charset Major Open
   Bug CORE-5321 UNRESOLVED ISQL (or fbclient ?) crashes on detach after processing with DB which has objects with length = 63 non-ascii characters Major Open
   Improvement CORE-3642 UNRESOLVED In-memory database - opening read-only database from memory rather than from file in FB Embedded Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4044 UNRESOLVED Include bitness in fbclient.dll properties Major Open
   Bug CORE-3215 UNRESOLVED Lost connection to a database in an app with multitread connections Major Open
   Improvement CORE-5345 UNRESOLVED Make errors UTF8-encoded. Major Open
   New Feature CORE-6035 UNRESOLVED Native Firebird PHP driver (replace EOL interbase extension) Major Open
   New Feature CORE-5583 UNRESOLVED New "Through rowset" objects/classes for Input/Output Parameters, local Variables and Domains Major Open
   Bug CORE-5376 UNRESOLVED New API example crashes Major Open
   Bug CORE-2362 UNRESOLVED Numeric or Decimal Computed Field SubType has Incorrect Value Major Open
   Bug CORE-5867 UNRESOLVED Other, Error: invalid BLOB ID, Code: -901 (Unsuccessful execution caused by system error that does not preclude successful execution of subsequent statements) Major Open
   Improvement CORE-642 UNRESOLVED Parameters for Events Major Open
   Bug CORE-2614 UNRESOLVED Plan Indexes different in Firebird 1.5 and Firebird 2.x and slow Major Open
   Improvement CORE-2571 UNRESOLVED Redirection of firebird.log Major Open
   Bug CORE-6139 UNRESOLVED Regression: can not obtain list of transactions in limbo state when use API Major Open
   New Feature CORE-3710 UNRESOLVED SCTP protocol support Major Open
   Bug CORE-5885 UNRESOLVED Select big table very slow Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4230 UNRESOLVED Support longer update counts Major Open
   Improvement CORE-6537 UNRESOLVED Supported replication protocol(s) Major Open
   Bug CORE-3901 UNRESOLVED Unresolved references to Microsoft.VC80.CRT with GDS32.dll from v2.1.5.18496 x86 windows installer package Major Open
   Bug CORE-6022 UNRESOLVED Useless Firebird.pas file. Major Open
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