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Lead: Alexander Peshkov

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Open Issues

9 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Bug CORE-4896 UNRESOLVED FBSVCMGR with `action_trace_stop` does not verify that trace log is ENTIRELY written on disk before returning control to outer environment Critical Open
   Improvement CORE-4932 UNRESOLVED Add ability to get current firebird.conf by using FBSVCMGR utility (similar to "action_get_fb_log" for firebird.log) Major Open
   Bug CORE-6082 UNRESOLVED From time to time handle to restore of security3.fdb backup is not released by firebird.exe (using service_mgr) Major Open
   Bug CORE-6139 UNRESOLVED Regression: can not obtain list of transactions in limbo state when use API Major Open
   Bug CORE-5098 UNRESOLVED Shutdown can cause engine crash if there is client which establishes dozen of different connections (via ES/EDS) and they all do DML Major Open
   Bug CORE-5534 UNRESOLVED Trace and engine do not show some detalization in reply on 'DELETE FROM MON$STATEMENTS' (4.0 only affected) Major Open
   Bug CORE-5413 UNRESOLVED fbsvcmgr info_svr_db_info does not see active attachments and databases in use (CLASSIC only) Major Open
   Bug CORE-5251 UNRESOLVED Getting content of server log using FBSVCMGR: last line of firebird.log can be duplicated (2.5.x only) Minor Open
   Improvement CORE-4931 UNRESOLVED Add keys val_tab_incl and val_tab_excl to FBSVCMGR action_db_stats (like it is for action_validate) Trivial Open
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