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Release Date: 03/Jun/03
Description: Maintenance release
1.0.3 Maintenance release 2003-06-03T00-00

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 7 of 7 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-319 FIXED DFW trashes RDB$RUNTIME Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-365 FIXED Automatic/background sweep hangs Major Closed
   Bug CORE-217 FIXED GPRE Cobol Variable Problems Major Closed
   Bug CORE-464 FIXED Linux port v1.0.2 security database broken Major Closed
   Bug CORE-261 FIXED Win32 - connection delay Major Closed
   Bug CORE-357 FIXED crash with extract from null as date Major Closed
   Bug CORE-296 FIXED select fails when udf returning blob Major Closed
Component Engine 4
Component GPRE 1
Component GSEC 1
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