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Release Date: 24/Aug/07
Description: Maintenance release
2.0.2 Maintenance release 2007-08-24T00-00

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 44 of 44 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-1301 DUPLICATE CLONE -fbclient.dll changes the security descriptor of the calling process. Blocker Closed
   Bug CORE-1153 FIXED Activating index change "STARTING" working as "LIKE" in join condition Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-968 FIXED Lost Connection with Firebird Server Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-1622 CANNOT REPRODUCE CLONE -Lost Connection with Firebird Server Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-1240 FIXED Any task, using libfbclient, hangs on exit. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1298 FIXED BTR\garbage_collect code can make a deadlock in a page cache Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1247 FIXED Blobs garbage collector removed wrong blob if going blob descriptor contains 0:0 (NULL value) but field's NULL flag is not set Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1286 FIXED Bug with COMPUTED BY fields Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1292 FIXED Can't create table using long username and UTF8 as attachment charset Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1142 FIXED Cannot alter generator's comment to the same value Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1331 FIXED Charset transliterations don't work with EXECUTE STATEMENT Major Closed
   Bug CORE-900 FIXED Deadlock when attaching simultaneously with services and standard APIs Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1371 FIXED Execute block fails within execute statement Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1444 FIXED Execute statement 'select ....' into new.... Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1207 FIXED FB embedded requires extra OS privileges Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1249 FIXED Full shutdown mode doesn't work on Classic if there are other connections to the database Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1400 FIXED GSTAT doesn't support port number in connection string Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1380 FIXED IO errors after changing FW on already attached database Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1279 FIXED Incorrect initialization of the engine with many simultaneous attachments at first time Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1303 FIXED Infinite loop in SS remote listener Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1300 FIXED Lower level index pages is missed from parent page Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1203 FIXED Performance issue with some queries on Linux 32 bits Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1397 FIXED Possible vulnerability in remote server Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1156 FIXED Prepare fails when having a parameter in a DSQL statement before a sub query Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1302 FIXED Races during service startup Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1349 FIXED Remote interface not checked in REM_receive and REM_fetch client supplied message length against length of format of message Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1403 FIXED Server crashes if a few events are being registered simultaneously by the client connected via XNET Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1145 FIXED Server locks up while attempting to commit a deletion of an expression index Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1347 FIXED Unexpected "cannot transliterate" error Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1183 FIXED View cannot be created if its WHERE clause contains IN <subquery> with a procedure reference Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1299 FIXED Wrong index entries order at non-leaf b-tree pages Major Closed
   Bug CORE-984 FIXED fbclient.dll changes the security descriptor of the calling process. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1328 FIXED unexpected end of input when running gfix in dialog Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1205 FIXED v2.1 GBAK crashes the v2.0.x server when attempting to backup a database Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1405 FIXED vulnerability in attach/create database when filename exceeds MAX_PATH_LEN Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1616 DUPLICATE CLONE -Lower level index pages is missed from parent page Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1321 DUPLICATE INTL plugin conflict ... Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1265 FIXED Database detach deallocates the memory used by an active critical section Minor Closed
   Improvement CORE-1148 FIXED Every user can view server log using services API Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-1399 FIXED Gstat does not use RemoteServicePort option in firebird.conf Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-1248 FIXED Incorrect timestamp arithmetic when one of operands is negative number Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-1276 FIXED Sometime INET error reported as 0 in firebird.log instead of real error code Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-1223 FIXED Wrong message in firebird.log on Open SuSe Linux 10.2 : Open file limit increased from 1024 to 0 Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-1398 FIXED GSTAT: 'localhost' is case-sensitive in Windows Trivial Closed
Component API / Client Library 4
Component Charsets/Collation 2
Component Engine 27
Component GBAK 1
Component GFIX 1
Component GSTAT 3
  No Component 10

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