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Release Date: 04/Oct/10
Description: Final Release
2.5.0 Final Release 2010-10-04T00-00

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 16 of 16 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-3045 FIXED "conversion error from string" after change of field type from BIGINT to VARCHAR(21) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3115 FIXED Bugs in the internal record compression routines Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3101 FIXED Cannot alter the domain after migrating from older versions Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1822 FIXED Crash with embedded server after reconnect at isc_dsql_set_cursor_name Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3090 FIXED Incorrect LEFT JOIN result using table and derived constant subquery Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3094 FIXED Parameters doesn't work with NOT IN from a selectable procedure Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3156 FIXED Problems using UDFs on Mac Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3096 FIXED Regression introduced with fix for CORE-2893 causes double processing of nodes when preparing a statement. Debug build aborts. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3103 FIXED Select statement with more non indexed reads in version 2.5RC3 as in version 2.1.3 Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3109 FIXED Server crashes when isc_dql_exec_immed3_m() is called for "create database ..." and NULL transaction Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3079 FIXED Strong slowing down inserts with EVENT-s in a single transaction. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3100 FIXED Wait mode and lock timeout of external transaction of EXECUTE STATEMENT not matched to corresponding parameters of local transaction Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2164 FIXED error in operator "and" in as clausule where Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3453 FIXED Added not null timestamp col with default causes error on select of old null records Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-3089 FIXED Attempt of execute statement on external datasource failed when datasource is interbase 4.1 Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-3116 FIXED gsec outputs list of users to stderr instead stdout Minor Closed
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