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Release Date: 12/Jul/08
Description: Alpha Release
2.5 Alpha 1 Alpha Release 2008-07-12T00-00

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 131 of 131 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-1770 FIXED Bugcheck 291 in DDL Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-1875 FIXED Error on script with current_date Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-1876 FIXED Incremental backups with NBACKUP broken in 2.1 Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-1830 FIXED Possible index corruption with multiply updates of the same record in the same transaction and using of savepoints Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-1807 FIXED fbserver assigned to non-canonical port after abnormal termination Critical Closed
   New Feature CORE-793 FIXED Ability to drop client connection Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-1853 FIXED Allow EXECUTE STATEMENT to run queries against external databases Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-1751 FIXED Include detailed memory usage statistics into the monitoring tables Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-1862 FIXED Isql's extracted script is unusable with interdependent selectable procedures in FB 2.1 Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-1234 FIXED More information about table what belongs to column when checking privileges Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-1680 FIXED "gsec display" only shows some first users when there are many users (>50) in security database Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-790 FIXED ALTER VIEW Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-1454 FIXED ALTER mechanism for computed fields Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-1741 FIXED API change for efficient unprepare Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1793 FIXED AV at prepare of query with unused parametrized CTE Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1868 FIXED AV in isc_dsql_free_statement() Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1756 FIXED AV in isc_start_transaction (isc_start_multiple) - bad TEB Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1755 FIXED AV in isc_start_transaction - null pointer at tr_handle Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1839 FIXED AV when sorting by field, calculated using recursive CTE Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-1527 FIXED Add operator EQUIV (IS NOT DISTINCT) and NULLIF function to GPRE Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-1928 FIXED Allow EXECUTE STATEMENT to inherit access privileges of caller stored procedure or trigger Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1859 FIXED Arithmetic overflow or division by zero has occurred. in MAX function Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-1658 FIXED Avoid memory consumption of <page size> bytes per every temporary blob Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1911 FIXED Backup and restore is not MT safe when using the Services API Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1775 FIXED Bad performance of security checking during prepare Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1820 FIXED Bug in FB2.0 Setup. Setup program don't detect runned server. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1735 FIXED Bug in SET DEFAULT statement Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1694 FIXED Bug in create/alter Database trigger (with Russian comment) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2555 FIXED CI column does not group correctly with a second column Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1885 FIXED CREATE COLLATION connection lost under Posix Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-1640 FIXED CREATE OR ALTER VIEW statement Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-1814 FIXED Change the root determination of the embedded Windows engine and load DLLs with altered search path (to search dependent DLLs on the same path of the loaded DLL) Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-789 FIXED Collation backup of RDB$DEFAULT_COLLATE_ Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1724 FIXED Common table expressions cannot be used in computed columns and quantified predicates (IN / ANY / ALL) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1512 FIXED Connection lost running script Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-1660 FIXED Control assignment of SYSDBA rights to windows administrators during trusted auth on per-database basis Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-1831 FIXED Creation of GBAK restore switches FIX_FSS_DATA and FIX_FSS_METADATA Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1390 FIXED DB aliases do not work over XNET protocol with DatabaseAccess = None Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1105 FIXED Database alias is visible when trying to drop database Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1805 FIXED Database is not restored correctly using Services API Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1881 FIXED Database monitoring may crash the server or badly affect its page locking logic Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1890 FIXED Database monitoring process may hang under high load Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1788 FIXED Deadlock in DYN subsystem (superserver) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1410 FIXED Deadlock in classic server on linux Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-1634 FIXED Do not allow malformed characters in UNICODE_FSS fields Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1907 FIXED Dropping and adding a domain constraint in the same transaction leaves incorrect dependencies Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1777 FIXED Engine allows conflicting table reservation specifications in TPB Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1693 FIXED Error in EXECUTE STATEMENT inside CONNECT / TRANSACTION START triggers Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1828 FIXED Error with ABS in dialect 1 Major Closed
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Component Charsets/Collation 6
Component Documentation 1
Component Engine 77
Component GBAK 5
Component GPRE 2
Component GSEC 3
Component Installation 3
Component ISQL 6
Component NBACKUP 2
Component Scripts 2
Component Security 5
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