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Release Date: 11/Aug/09
Description: Beta Release
2.5 Beta 2 Beta Release 2009-08-11T00-00

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 84 of 84 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-2563 FIXED Possible DoS attack using the malformed packet sent into the connection port Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-2532 FIXED Incorrect size of volumes in multi volume database Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-2462 FIXED 2.5 beta 1 has huge, fast-growing log files Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-1066 FIXED A Feature Of Sybase SQLAnywhere.. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2386 FIXED ALTER VIEW could remove column used in stored procedure or trigger Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2427 FIXED ALTER VIEW doesn't clear dependencies on old views Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2453 FIXED AV at engine when client used events disconnects. XNET (local protocol) only affected Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2454 FIXED AV enumerating attachments in SS\SC if more than 8 databases is attached Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2416 FIXED AV preparing a query with aggregate over derived table Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-2452 FIXED Add Role Name in input parameters for EXECUTE STATEMENT Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2426 FIXED Alter table not respecting collation Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2402 FIXED Bad permissions on temp files, /tmp is polluted with a lot of files Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2501 FIXED Binary shift functions give wrong results with negative shift values Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2437 FIXED Buffer overflow on client when delivering events. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2505 FIXED Built-in trigonometric functions can produce NaN and Infinity Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2550 FIXED Bus error when working with DB_KEY on bigendian machines Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2564 FIXED Bus error when working with MON$ tables on RISC machines Major Closed
   Bug CORE-582 FIXED COALESCE with bind variables Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-2434 FIXED CREATE USER command: Invalid error message Major Closed
   Sub-task CORE-1647 FIXED CORE-961
Close external table's file even if it used by some cached (inactive) requests
Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-2524 FIXED Command line utility to work with Trace Service Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2476 FIXED Database shutdown in Classic not forcing the release of External Table locks Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2461 FIXED Deadlock error terminates the restore process while restoring privileges Major Closed
   Sub-task CORE-2509 FIXED CORE-2370
Enhance plan lengths inside the engine
Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2475 FIXED External table data not visible to other sessions in Classic Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2268 FIXED GFIX causes BUGCHECK errors with non valid transaction numbers Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2519 FIXED GSTAT output is incorrect for tables with more than 2 billion records Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2397 FIXED If you drop two different indexes within the same transaction, you get database corruption Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2499 FIXED Implementation limit of DISTINCT items are not enforced, causing generation of incorrect BLR Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2561 FIXED Incorrect database name transliteration when connecting using WNET or XNET Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1000 FIXED Incorrect results when left join on subquery with constant column Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2417 FIXED Index cannot be used with <field> LIKE <constant> in HAVING clause Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-2551 FIXED Interpret DPB items as now the database name parameter is interpreted and change MON$ filenames fields from NONE to UNICODE_FSS Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2359 FIXED Logical multibyte maximum string length is not respected when assigning numbers Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2488 FIXED Long query execution on one table multiple join Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-2398 FIXED Make Firebird correct detect its installed path in Linux Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-2498 FIXED Make a single attachment usabe by more than one simultaneous threads in embedded Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-2404 FIXED Match database names using correct INTL and platform rules for trace Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-2432 FIXED Missing SHOW COLLATIONs in HELP Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2482 FIXED Monitoring tables data collection is unstable when attaching or detaching database Major Closed
   Sub-task CORE-2448 FIXED CORE-2440
Not all dependencies is created at restore
Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2538 FIXED PSQL doesnt allow to use singleton query result as input parameter of stored procedure when procedure accessed using 'execute procedure' Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2420 FIXED Parsing error in EXECUTE STATEMENT with named parameters Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1578 FIXED Query marked as active in MON$STATEMENTS after cancelling the query Major Closed
   Sub-task CORE-2435 FIXED CORE-2361
Recreate DataTypeUtilBase::makeFromList
Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-2263 FIXED RemoteAuxPort for SuperClassic and regular Classic Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2430 FIXED Server adds "NOT" at the end of default value for the TIMESTAMP field Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2526 FIXED Server can be shut down disregarding services' connections Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2441 FIXED Server crashes on UPDATE OR INSERT statement Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2455 FIXED Server fails when doing DROP DATABASE right after error in statistical fnction Major Closed
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