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Release Date: 22/Jun/10
Description: Maintenance release
2.0.6 Maintenance release 2010-06-22T00-00

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 49 of 49 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-2563 FIXED Possible DoS attack using the malformed packet sent into the connection port Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-1923 FIXED "instsvc remove" returns 1 when succefully executed Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2281 FIXED *round UDFs broken for negative numbers Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2282 FIXED *truncate UDFs broken for numbers below -1 Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2640 FIXED A regular deadlock may not be detected by the lock manager under some conditions, thus resulting in a hang Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2368 FIXED AV after isc_cancel_events if event was not found or already delivered Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2326 FIXED Access Violation when committing new view while trigger on rdb$relations in place Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2291 FIXED BUGCHECK 284 Major Closed
   Sub-task CORE-2631 FIXED CORE-2291
Backport fix for bug CORE-2291 into v2.0.6
Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2437 FIXED Buffer overflow on client when delivering events. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1961 FIXED Bugcheck 210 (page in use during flush) is thrown during database validation Major Closed
   Bug CORE-195 FIXED Bugcheck 291 Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2846 FIXED Cannot connect to the database if GFIX -shut <mode> -attach <timeout> fails after the specified timeout (because of connections being still active) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3041 FIXED Engine could hang when working with read-only database Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2822 FIXED Error "no current row for fetch operation" when subquery includes a non-trivial derived table Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2245 FIXED Error on restoring db with long exception from backup Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2684 FIXED Error page NNN is of wrong type (expected 7, found N) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2415 FIXED Firebird crashes when out of /tmp space. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2591 FIXED High mutex wait ratio and degraded performance after some time of performing normally Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2355 FIXED Incorrect handling of LOWER/UPPER when result string shrinks in terms of byte length Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2698 FIXED Infinite wait in LocksCache::get Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2919 FIXED Installation script ignores non-standard ports Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2507 FIXED Intermittent CreateFile failure Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2395 FIXED Lost the supplementary characters(UTF-8 4byte) at immediate API handling. Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-2769 FIXED Make XNET_CONNECT_TIMEOUT in xnet.h user configurable Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2247 FIXED Message and descriptor buffers are not aligned properly Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2741 FIXED Naive metadata extraction code in isql is defeated by "check" keyword typed in mixed case Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2856 FIXED Non-NULL key in unique index could be not found when key is removed Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2871 FIXED Outer ORDER BY clause has no effect Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2173 FIXED Server crash after ubnormal disconnect with open ExecuteStatement Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2272 FIXED Server starts returning garbage when killing events connection attempt Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2820 FIXED Small memory leak in query with PLAN ORDER Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-2316 FIXED Throttling Nbackup on large databases Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2449 FIXED Unexpected "lock conflict" error can be thrown instead of other (expected) exception Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2635 FIXED Unique index with a lot of NULL keys can be corrupted at level 1 Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2444 FIXED When more than one attachment register interests in events simultaneously and free space in events table is exhausted engine could hung Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2720 FIXED Wrong evaluation result with divide and unary plus\minus operations Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1089 FIXED Wrong ordering with views, distinct, left join and order by Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2936 FIXED Wrong page type (expected 7 found N) error Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2306 FIXED fbserver terminated abnormally when thread start failed Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2270 FIXED isql consumes all memory and crashes when run in zlogin console Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2616 FIXED page 1530262 is of wrong type (expected 7, found 5) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2928 FIXED Buffer overflow in gsec Minor Closed
   Improvement CORE-2200 FIXED Extremely slow executing a cross join of 3 tables in Firebird 2.X Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-2411 FIXED Optimizer chooses slower PLAN in v2.0.5/v2.1.2 than in v2.0.4/v2.1.1 Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-2157 FIXED fbclient does not have libpthread dependency Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-2271 FIXED gfix reports db ownership error way too late Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-2354 FIXED "fb_lock_print -ia" output is not flushed to a file between iterations Trivial Closed
   Bug CORE-2831 FIXED isql shouldn't display db and user name when extracting a script Trivial Closed
Component API / Client Library 1
Component Build Issues / Porting 1
Component Charsets/Collation 1
Component Engine 30
Component GBAK 1
Component GFIX 1
Component GSEC 1
Component Installation 1
Component ISQL 3
Component NBACKUP 1
Component QLI 1
Component Scripts 1
Component UDF 2
  No Component 6

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