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All Projects : Firebird Core : 3.0 Alpha 1 (Fix For Version)

Release Date: 02/Aug/13
Description: Alpha Release
3.0 Alpha 1 Alpha Release 2013-08-02T00-00

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 571 of 571 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-2833 FIXED Changing data that affects an expression index that contains references to null date fields fails Blocker Closed
   Bug CORE-3965 FIXED Creating a procedure containing "case when" expression leads to a server crash: Blocker Closed
   Bug CORE-4006 FIXED using a result from a procedure in a substring expression leads to server crash Blocker Closed
   Improvement CORE-2680 FIXED Avoid sharing of database file while using embedded server Critical Resolved
   Bug CORE-3119 FIXED 100% CPU USAGE (endless loop) in the remote protocol code related to events processing Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3493 FIXED Adding a value to a timestamp below '16.11.1858 00:00:01' throws 'value exceeds the range for valid timestamp' Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-2790 FIXED Authentication fails with mixed parameter in firebird.conf Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-634 FIXED Bad treatment of FIRST/SKIP in subselect Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3610 FIXED Can insert DUPLICATE keys in UNIQUE index Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-4073 FIXED Constant columns getting empty value with subselect from procedure Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3966 FIXED Creating a stored procedure with an "update or insert" statement with MATCHING fails Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3549 FIXED Database corruption after end of session : page xxx is of wrong type expected 4 found 7 Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3786 FIXED Firebird 2.5.1 Classic (32-bit) Hangs on MacOSX 10.7 (Lion) on DB create after reboot Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-4123 FIXED Firebird crash when executing an stored procedure called by a trigger that converts string to upper Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-4083 FIXED Full outer join in derived table with coalesce (iif) Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-2826 FIXED Join condition fails for UTF-8 databases. Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-4070 FIXED NOT-NULL-column can be used as primary key and filled with NULL-values Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3137 FIXED Partial rollback is possible for a selectable procedure modifying data Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-4084 FIXED Regression: Group by fails if subselect-column is involved Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3237 FIXED Slow compilation of stored procedures Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3466 FIXED Some changes could be lost during the merge of delta file into main database file Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-4137 FIXED Wrong metadata output script generate by isql / CHARACTER SETISO8859_1 sintaxe error. Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3052 FIXED Wrong resultset Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-4068 FIXED create package fails on creating header as soon as there is at least 1 procedure name Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-4071 FIXED external function declaration with "returns parameter" crashes the server Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-2984 FIXED gbak -v srv:db stdout creates a broken backup Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3219 FIXED trace manager crash server with DSQL_unprepare Critical Closed
   Improvement CORE-3085 FIXED Add clause ALTER DOMAIN <name> {DROP | SET} NOT NULL Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-3704 FIXED Add new context variables to the SYSTEM namespace Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-832 FIXED Add support for parametrised exceptions Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-3076 FIXED Better performance for (table.field = :param or :param = -1) in where clause Major Resolved
   New Feature CORE-726 FIXED Boolean data type Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-3569 FIXED CHAR(32767) present in XSQLVAR with length 32765 Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-3596 FIXED Client library cannot connect to the non-ASCII host name Major Resolved
   New Feature CORE-2310 FIXED DDL triggers Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-2912 FIXED Exception when upper casing string with lowercase y trema (code 0xFF in ISO8859_1 ) Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-2554 FIXED Grant execute on UDF Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-2553 FIXED Grants access on generators (gen_id, next value for) Major Resolved
   New Feature CORE-1385 FIXED Identity columns Major Resolved
   New Feature CORE-2744 FIXED Implement the inverse hyperbolic trigonometric functions as native functions, too Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-2780 FIXED Include client library version and protocol version in mon$attachments Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-1898 FIXED Increase the password length from 8 characters to 15 characters or more Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-2666 FIXED Make it possible to use API to do remote backups/restores Major Resolved
   New Feature CORE-2777 FIXED Make possible to alter the default database character set without manual update of system table Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-304 FIXED Metadata security hole - any user can alter/drop generators and exceptions Major Resolved
   New Feature CORE-2884 FIXED New object rights for enhanced security Major Resolved
   Sub-task CORE-2133 FIXED CORE-1688
OVER (PARTITION BY ...) clause for window functions
Major Resolved
   New Feature CORE-2312 FIXED PSQL packages Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-3003 FIXED Procedure suspend check may cause restore to fail Major Resolved
   New Feature CORE-2639 FIXED Pseudo-table with list of users, available for management to current user Major Resolved
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Component Documentation 3
Component Engine 375
Component GBAK 22
Component GFIX 5
Component GSEC 7
Component GSTAT 2
Component Guardian 2
Component Installation 9
Component ISQL 16
Component LOCK_PRINT 3
Component NBACKUP 7
Component QLI 1
Component Scripts 1
Component Security 6
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