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Release Date: 12/Apr/12
Description: Maintenance release
2.0.7 Maintenance release 2012-04-12T00-00

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 26 of 26 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-3137 FIXED Partial rollback is possible for a selectable procedure modifying data Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-3097 FIXED Updating blob field cause server crash with ACCESS_VIOLATION exception Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-2900 FIXED "AV - The code attempted to access a virtual address without privilege to do so" using aggregate distinct Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3557 FIXED AV in engine when preparing query against dropping table Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3283 FIXED BAD PLAN with using LEFT OUTER JOIN in SUBSELECT Major Closed
   Sub-task CORE-2980 FIXED CORE-2977
Backport fix for CORE-2977 into 2.0.7
Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3115 FIXED Bugs in the internal record compression routines Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3579 FIXED Can't drop table when computed field depends on later created another field Major Closed
   Sub-task CORE-3631 FIXED CORE-3627
Duplicate records with NULLs checked incorrectly
Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1782 FIXED ISQL crashes when fetching data for a column having alias longer than 30 characters Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3001 FIXED Install fails to create user & group "firebird" Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3067 FIXED Objects not unmapped when shared memory is closed Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3050 FIXED Race condition in LocksCache::get() could lead to AV in the engine Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3148 FIXED SQZ_apply_differences Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3374 FIXED Server may crash or corrupt data if SELECT WITH LOCK is issued against records not in the latest format Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3019 FIXED Startup failure of SS and SC on linux gentoo Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3397 FIXED Unresolved symbols in intl and trace libraries Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3064 FIXED Using both the procedure name and alias inside an explicit plan crashes the server Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3736 FIXED WITH LOCK clause is allowed for users with read-only rights on some table, thus blocking others from updating this table Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3202 FIXED execute_immediate API call family may crash the remote server Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3730 FIXED isc_dsql_exec_immed2() loses input parameter value with RETURNING clause Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3440 FIXED AV in engine if isc_que_events queued 0 events Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-3351 FIXED Windows client could put 10054 error messages into firebird.log at connection time Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-3022 FIXED gpre C++ compiler warnings with GCC 4.4.1 Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-3205 FIXED isc_dsql_exec_immed2() doesn't return error codes isc_stream_eof and isc_sing_select_err Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-3220 FIXED isc_info_svc_get_users returns error message in the result cluster Minor Closed
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Component Build Issues / Porting 2
Component Engine 18
Component Installation 2
Component ISQL 1
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