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Release Date: 30/Mar/15
Description: Maintenance release
2.5.4 Maintenance release 2015-03-30T00-00

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 32 of 32 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-4500 FIXED Firebird crashes after unsuccessful remapping of the lock table's shared memory Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-4713 FIXED "BLOB not found" error at rollback after insert into table with expression index Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4856 FIXED - c0000005 (Access violation) The instruction at 0x%08lx referenced memory at 0x%08lx. The memory could not be %s. Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4452 FIXED Can`t create two collations with different names if autoddl =OFF in FB 2.5.3 Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4530 FIXED DB_KEY based join of two tables may be ineffective Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4690 FIXED DISTINCT vs non-DISTINCT affects the result of IN subquery Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4604 FIXED EXECUTE STATEMENT rise varchar char_length() size Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4566 FIXED Incorrect size of the output parameter/argument when execute block, procedure or function use system field in metadata charset Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4599 FIXED REPLACE function works incorrectly with multibyte charsets Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4673 FIXED Regression: computed index based on a computed column stores NULL for all its keys Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4075 FIXED Server bugchecks or crashes on exception in calculated index Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4678 FIXED BLOB not found in SuperClassic and Classic on Uncommitted Transactions Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4615 FIXED Classic Server could hung with (near) 100% CPU load Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4670 FIXED Constraint violation error may be swallowed in some cases Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4627 FIXED Deadlock with TIP page lock and monitoring lock Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4624 FIXED Firebird handles ':' characters in mount table entries invalid Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4644 FIXED Get open database errors under heavy concurrent load Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4578 FIXED INPUT file not properly closed Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-4707 FIXED Implement ability to validate tables and indices online (without exclusive access to database) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4383 FIXED Index and BLOBs garbage collection doesn't work for update_in_place() Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4384 FIXED Problems when a table grows beyond 65535 pointer pages Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4676 FIXED Regression: crash on unexpected client disconnection with opened transaction Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4618 FIXED Rollback doesn`t undo changes when MERGE statement updates the same target rows multiple times and PLAN MERGE is used Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4616 FIXED Server crashes while accessing context variables concurrently Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4558 FIXED Superserver dies when client is disconnected abnormally during the index navigational scan Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4382 FIXED User savepoints are not released on commit Major Closed
   Bug CORE-4475 FIXED after fb_shutdown(), end-of-process cleanup should not do anything Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1173 FIXED Expression index based on computed fields Minor Resolved
   Bug CORE-4631 FIXED Lock manager "out of room" error hides the real cause of this problem Minor Closed
   Improvement CORE-4671 FIXED Release internal temporary blobs early to free some memory\disk space Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-4461 FIXED nbackup prints error messages to stdout instead stderr Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-4700 FIXED Mistake in GDS_DROP_DATABASE? Trivial Closed
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