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Release Date: 27/Sep/16
Description: Maintenance release
3.0.1 Maintenance release 2016-09-27T00-00

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 63 of 63 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-5234 FIXED Access violation on UDF crashes server Critical Resolved
   Bug CORE-5322 FIXED Cascade deletion in self-referencing table could raise "no current record for fetch operation" error Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-5268 FIXED Nested OR conditions may lead to incorrest results Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-5278 FIXED A number of SPB parameters fail in FB 3 & 4 Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-5205 FIXED Add a switch to build linux binaries with builtin libtommath Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5339 FIXED Assertion in createDatabase() when doing overwrite check Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5292 FIXED Database corrupted when trying to encrypt it but appropriate key is missing Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5329 FIXED Database gets partially corrupted in the "no-reserve" mode Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5326 FIXED Embedded - encrypting a database crashes host process when background encryption gets ready while no connection is established to that database Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5296 FIXED Error in network protocol when performing callback to client for database crypt key Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5226 FIXED Incorrect result set (missing records) may be returned by the ORDER plan query navigating on a descending index Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5249 FIXED Incorrect use of readlink() system call Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5294 FIXED Memory leak when use SHOW GRANTS on new empty database (3.0.1 & 4.0; SS & SC) Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5277 FIXED Parameters with multibyte character sets allow to bypass the character limit of varchar fields Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5307 FIXED Random "invalid transaction handle" errors are returned from the engine Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5337 FIXED Regression: The subquery in the insert list expressions ignore the changes made earlier in the same executable block. Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5228 FIXED Restore may hang if the database contains more than 4 billion records Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5285 FIXED Segfault when attachment is closed before it's request/statement/etc. Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5154 FIXED Services API don't work with non-ascii database names Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5203 FIXED Single CPU core fully utilized with Trace session Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5289 FIXED Small memory leak when resultset is empty Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5224 FIXED Transaction id tags for services API do not support new 48 bit transaction ids Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5233 FIXED Unaligned Memory Access in MET_format Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5244 FIXED Wrong error message when trying to execute SELECT statement using isc_dsql_execute_immediate Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5355 FIXED XpbBuilder fails to create new TPB Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5327 FIXED internal Firebird consistency check (cannot find tip page (165), file: tra.cpp line: 2307) Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5232 FIXED 32-bit Locks on Big-Endian Systems Lead To Deadlock Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5241 FIXED Affected rows are not counted for some update operations with views Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-5167 FIXED Allow implicit conversion between boolean and string Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5225 FIXED Authentication end with first plugin that has the user but auth fails; should continue with next plugin Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5305 FIXED CASCADE UPDATE fails for self-referencing FK Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5313 FIXED Data type unknown error with LIST Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5264 FIXED Database cannot be unlocked (nbackup) if located on a raw device Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5231 FIXED EXECUTE STATEMENT: BLR error if more than 256 output parameters exist Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5142 FIXED Error "no current record to fetch" if some record is to be deleted both by the statement itself and by some trigger fired during statement execution Major Closed
   Bug CORE-1746 FIXED Expression index can be created while doing inserts into table Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5275 FIXED Expression index may become inconsistent if CREATE INDEX was interrupted after b-tree creation but before commiting Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5270 FIXED FBSVCMGR does not produce error while attempting to shutdown a database without specified timeout (prp_force_shutdown N) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5210 FIXED Firebird 3.0 + fbclient 3.0 - POST_EVENT won't work Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5279 FIXED Granting access rights to view is broken Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5236 FIXED IN/ANY/ALL predicates may cause sub-optimal (late filtering) execution of joins Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5207 FIXED ISQL -X may generate invalid GRANT USAGE statements for domains Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5220 FIXED ISQL -X: double quotes are missed for COLLATE <C> of CREATE DOMAIN statement when <C> is from any non-ascii charset Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5217 FIXED ISQL -x may crash while exporting an exception with message text length > 127 bytes Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5248 FIXED Improve consistency in GRANT syntax between roles and privileges according to SQL standard Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5351 FIXED LEFT JOIN incorrectly pushes UDF into the inner stream causing wrong results Major Closed
   Sub-task CORE-1780 FIXED CORE-1746
Move code in pcmet module into appropriate place (dfw and met)
Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5302 FIXED Performance regression when bulk inserting into table with indices Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5193 FIXED Precedence problem with operator IS Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5347 FIXED Races when initializing wire compression Major Closed
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