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Description: Beta Release

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 190 of 206 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-5118 FIXED Indices on computed fields are broken after restore (all keys are NULL) Blocker Resolved
   Bug CORE-5686 FIXED Firebird 3.0.2 allows any protocol version >= 10 to connect, including interbase protocol 14 Blocker Closed
   Bug CORE-5600 FIXED Invalid blob id when add a new blob column of type text and update another field Blocker Closed
   Bug CORE-5702 FIXED Firebird Handle Leak Windows Critical Resolved
   Bug CORE-5844 FIXED Firebird freeze for new connections Critical Resolved
   Bug CORE-5830 FIXED Encryption Interface crashing Firebird process when working on big db file (6.7GB) Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-5943 FIXED Server crashes preparing a query with both DISTINCT/ORDER BY and non-field expression in the select list Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-5757 FIXED deadlock with events Critical Closed
   New Feature CORE-2479 UNRESOLVED Add TRUNCATE TABLE Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4017 UNRESOLVED Add Transaction Parameters in Autonomous Transactions Major Open
   Improvement CORE-3708 UNRESOLVED Add actual configuration settings to the monitoring tables Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4823 UNRESOLVED Add support for Hash/merge algorithms for outer joins Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4402 UNRESOLVED Add timing statistics to the monitoring tables Major Open
   Improvement CORE-5239 UNRESOLVED Add virtual table SEC$ROLES to return all roles currently active for the connected user Major Open
   New Feature CORE-2021 UNRESOLVED Built-in replication Major Open
   Improvement CORE-1082 UNRESOLVED Improve the statistics engine allowing auto-updating and gatherig more statistic data. Major Open
   Bug CORE-4481 UNRESOLVED Local database mode parameters are ignored Major Open
   Improvement CORE-4401 UNRESOLVED Optimize the record-level RLE algorithm for a denser compression of shorter-than-declared strings and sets of subsequent NULLs Major Open
   Improvement CORE-809 UNRESOLVED Remove context limit for stored procedures / triggers Major Open
   Improvement CORE-2992 UNRESOLVED Shorten backup/restore duration Major Open
   New Feature CORE-1686 UNRESOLVED Support value distribution histograms Major Open
   New Feature CORE-3435 UNRESOLVED Lateral derived tables Major Reopened
   Improvement CORE-5712 FIXED Access to the name of DB encryption key Major Resolved
   Sub-task CORE-5601 FIXED CORE-5536
Add details on compression and crypt status of connection (fb_info_conn_flags) to getInfo() API call
Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5800 FIXED After backup/restore the indexes by expression on computed field are not working properly. Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-5887 FIXED Allow the use of management statements in PSQL blocks Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-5674 FIXED Allow unused Common Table Expressions Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5819 FIXED Attachment might not gone after it was DELETEd FROM MON$ATTACHMENTS Major Resolved
   Sub-task CORE-1662 FIXED CORE-5808
Compress backup on the fly
Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5730 FIXED Connection to server may hang when working with encrypted databases over non-TCP protocol Major Resolved
   New Feature CORE-5970 FIXED Crypto functions in firebird Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5872 FIXED Database validation reports false errors "Record XXX has bad transaction" and\or "Record XXX is wrong length" when record transaction number is greater than 2^32 Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5750 FIXED Date-time parsing is very weak Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5879 FIXED Error reading/writing data to connection Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5793 FIXED Error returned from DbCryptPlugin::setKey() is not shown Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5980 FIXED Firebird 2.5.6 & 25.8 server crash Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5959 FIXED Firebird returns wrong time after changes of time zone Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5861 FIXED GRANT OPTION is not checked for new object Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-5954 FIXED Garbage collection in intermediate record versions Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5612 FIXED Gradual slowdown compilation (create, recreate or drop) of views Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-5973 FIXED Handling FP overflow in double precision value when converting from decfloat. Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5851 FIXED Incomplete fix for CORE-5779 - missing builds/posix/prefix.linux_riscv64 Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5986 FIXED Incorrect evaluation of NULL IS [NOT] {FALSE | TRUE} Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5721 FIXED Information items isc_info_length and fb_info_crypt_state have same code Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5891 FIXED Invalid events are released in mapping shared memory when dead process is detected Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5855 FIXED Latest builds of Firebird 4.0 cannot backup DB with generators which contains space in the names Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5900 FIXED Login attempts while engine is shutting down caused unnecessary delays in shutdown process Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-5948 FIXED Make WIN_SSPI plugin produce keys for wirecrypt plugin Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-5928 FIXED Make it possible for AuthClient plugin to access authentication block from DPB. Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5639 FIXED Mapping rule using WIN_SSPI plugin: windows user group conversion to firebird role does not work Major Resolved
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