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Release Date: 15/Feb/17
Description: Maintenance release
2.5.7 Maintenance release 2017-02-15T00-00

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 18 of 18 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-5419 FIXED Index garbage collection on varchar column causes server to hang Critical Resolved
   Bug CORE-5474 FIXED 'Restrict UDF' is not effective, because is dynamically linked against libc Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-5422 FIXED Decompression overran buffer after rollback Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-5318 FIXED Bug in ESQL applications Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5120 FIXED Configure: snprintf function is already defined on MSVC 2015 Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5417 FIXED Engine could hang up if auto-sweep is starting while database is shutting down Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5387 FIXED Memory leak - a lot of 4Kb-sized regions remain mapped till the death of the process Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4742 FIXED gfix -shut single -force 0 ..... not working as documented with 2.5.3 & 2.5.4 Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5401 FIXED High load in touch thread Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5236 FIXED IN/ANY/ALL predicates may cause sub-optimal (late filtering) execution of joins Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-5475 FIXED Provide ability to filter out info and warnings from trace log Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5428 FIXED Rare segfault when preparing request working with a table with triggers Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5470 FIXED Trace INCLUDE_FILTER with [[:WHITESPACE:]]+ does not work when statement contains newline is issued Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5477 FIXED Trace duplicates asci_char(13) in its output (Windows only) Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-4563 FIXED Add support for Windows 8/2012 fast/low-latency "TCP Loopback Fast Path" functionality Minor Resolved
   Bug CORE-5418 FIXED Inconsistent output when retrieving the server log via Services API Minor Resolved
   Bug CORE-5429 FIXED Segfault when attachment is abandoned for some reason during sweep thread startup Minor Resolved
   Improvement CORE-4891 FIXED Remove duplication of ascii_char(13) from the output of trace Trivial Closed
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