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Description: Beta Release

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   Bug CORE-6137 FIXED Server crashes when it run SQL Critical Resolved
   Bug CORE-6090 FIXED BLOB fields may be suddenly set to NULLs during UPDATE after a table format change Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-6040 FIXED Metadata script extracted using ISQL is invalid/incorrect when table has COMPUTED BY field Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-6116 FIXED The Metadata script extracted using ISQL of a database restored from a Firebird 2.5.9 Backup is invalid/incorrect when table has COMPUTED BY field Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-6170 UNRESOLVED Cannot install on CentOS 8 because version of LibTomMath and LibNCurses library Major Open
   Bug CORE-6203 FIXED "Error reading data from the connection" is raised sometimes when using non-default authentication plugin Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6110 FIXED 64-bit transaction IDs are not stored properly in status vector Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-6032 FIXED Add DPB properties for time zone bind and decfloat configuration Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5902 FIXED Add Firebird Event fails with error "While isc_que_events - Failed to establish a secondary connection for event processing." Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-6004 FIXED Add a configuration switch to disable the "TCP Loopback Fast Path" option (Windows only) Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-6017 FIXED Add transaction info fb_info_tra_snapshot_number Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6080 FIXED Attempt to drop existing user randomly fails with "336723990 : record not found for user" Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6212 FIXED Authentication plugin on server may get garbage data from client instead empty packet Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6150 FIXED Bugcheck when PK\UK\FK constraint check read record already marked as damaged Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-6220 FIXED Enable delivery of known to the client key to any connection to the server Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6168 FIXED Engine cant determine datatype in SQL: Unknown SQL Data type (32752). In current snapshot build Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6143 FIXED Error 'Multiple maps found for ...' is raised in not appropriate case Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6063 FIXED FB3 (protocol 13) returns op_accept instead op_accept_data Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6208 FIXED Grant lost in security.db after backup/restore cycle Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6221 FIXED Incorrect (throw-based) allocFunc for zlib1. Possible memory leak. Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6067 FIXED Memory leak in fbclient Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6108 FIXED Regression: FB3 throws "Datatypes are not comparable in expression" in procedure parameters Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6243 FIXED Regression: v4 Beta 1 rejects POSITION element of v2.5 defined SQL2003 CREATE TRIGGER syntax Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6015 FIXED Segfault when using expression index with complex expression Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6045 FIXED Segmentation fault in fbtracemgr when closing it using ctrl-C Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6027 FIXED Server hang on new attachment right after trace session stop Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6250 FIXED Signature mismatch when creating package body on identical packaged procedure header Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6217 FIXED [inet.cpp] Wrong work with pointer: delete ptr; ptr=new ; Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6231 FIXED access violation on shutdown of xnet connection to local database when events have been registered Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5976 FIXED gbak multi-database file restore uses wrong minimum number of pages for first database file Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6171 FIXED "No current record for fetch operation" with queries with aggregated subselect Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6088 FIXED "SIMILAR TO" hangs when processing parenthesis Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6254 FIXED AV in engine when using SET TRANSACTION and ON TRANSACTION START trigger uses EXECUTE STATEMENT against current transaction Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6026 FIXED Alignment issue with FB_MESSAGE C++ macro (as well UDR macros) and BIGINT/DECFLOAT types in Linux 32-bits Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6089 FIXED BLOBs are unnecessarily copied during UPDATE after a table format change Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6057 FIXED Bind setting for Firebird 4 extended precision numeric/decimal Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5957 FIXED Bug in SIMILAR TO when adding numeric quantifier as bound for repetetion of expression leads to empty resultset Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6218 FIXED COUNT(DISTINCT <DECFLOAT_FIELD>) leads FB to crash when there are duplicate values of this field Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5445 FIXED Cannot install on Debian Stretch/Testing because version of LibTomMath library Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6058 FIXED Change behavior of skipped and repeated wall times within time zones Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-6109 FIXED Changing FLOAT to a SQL standard compliant FLOAT datatype Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6211 FIXED Command "ISQL -X" can not extract ROLE name when use multi-byte charset for connection (4.x only is affected) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6097 FIXED Connection does not see itself in the MON$ATTACHMENTS when Domain/Username (using SSPI) is 31 bytes long Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5697 FIXED Conversion from numeric literals to DECFLOAT adds precision that is not originally present Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5696 FIXED Conversion from zero numeric literals to DECFLOAT results in incorrect value Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6086 FIXED Creating of the large procedure crashes the server. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-3925 FIXED Creating self-referential FK crashes database (bug-check) whether constraint violation had place Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6238 FIXED DECFLOAT: subtraction Num1 - Num2 leads to "Decimal float overflow" if Num2 is specified in scientific notation and less than max double ( 1.7976931348623157e308 ) Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6072 FIXED Ensure providers compatibility across versions Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6142 FIXED Error "connection lost to database" could happen when application creates few local attachments (using XNET) simultaneously Major Closed
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