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Release Date: 26/Jun/20
Description: Maintenance release
3.0.6 Maintenance release 2020-06-26T00-00

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 46 of 47 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-6296 FIXED Many connections results in poor performance Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-6343 FIXED Rolled back transaction produces unexpected results leading to duplicate values in PRIMARY KEY field Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-6116 FIXED The Metadata script extracted using ISQL of a database restored from a Firebird 2.5.9 Backup is invalid/incorrect when table has COMPUTED BY field Critical Closed
   Bug CORE-6295 UNRESOLVED Incomplete header files Major Open
   Bug CORE-6212 FIXED Authentication plugin on server may get garbage data from client instead empty packet Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6208 FIXED CREATE DATABASE grant is lost in security.db after backup/restore cycle Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6323 FIXED File-system ID may be duplicated among databases located on different volumes Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6221 FIXED Incorrect (throw-based) allocFunc for zlib1. Possible memory leak. Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6331 FIXED Memory leak with some statements and expressions Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-6334 FIXED Missing relocation support Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6230 FIXED Unable to connect with database if security.db reference is removed from databases.conf file Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6224 FIXED [AV] Re-destruction of the rem_port object Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6246 FIXED [fbclient] Problem with too many number of columns in resultset. Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6217 FIXED [inet.cpp] Wrong work with pointer: delete ptr; ptr=new ; Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6231 FIXED access violation on shutdown of xnet connection to local database when events have been registered Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6264 FIXED gbak with PIPE to stdout: invalid content if user '-se <host>:service_mgr' command switch Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6283 FIXED isNullable() in message metadata, returned by metadata builder, does not match with datatype set by setType() in metadata builder Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6216 FIXED request size limit exceeded when selecting from a table with large number of indicies Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6110 FIXED 64-bit transaction IDs are not stored properly in status vector Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6254 FIXED AV in engine when using SET TRANSACTION and ON TRANSACTION START trigger uses EXECUTE STATEMENT against current transaction Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6314 FIXED Assigning RDB$DB_KEY to MBCS CHAR/VARCHAR does not enforce the target limit Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6130 FIXED Creating backup to stdout using service manager is broken Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5972 FIXED External engine trigger crashing server if table have computed field Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6329 FIXED GBAK with service_mgr and WinSSPI authentication for Windows SYSTEM user producing error in clumplet API Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6290 FIXED Hex number used at end of statement (for exame with CREATE DOMAIN ... DEFAULT) may read invalid memory and produce wrong values or exceptions Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6274 FIXED Increase parse speed of long queries Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6280 FIXED MERGE statement loses parameters in WHEN (NOT) MATCHED clause that will never be matched, crashes server in some situations Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6319 FIXED NBACKUP locks db file on error Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6237 FIXED Performance problem when using SRP plugin Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6251 FIXED Regression: crash when built-in function LEFT() or RIGHT() missed 2nd argument (number of characters to be taken). Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6269 FIXED Server (on Linux) ignores KeepAlive settings, when client connection is lost, the related server connection/process is not killed Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6345 FIXED Server crashes on overflow of division result Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6317 FIXED Server is crashing on long GRANT statement Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6250 FIXED Signature mismatch when creating package body on identical packaged procedure header Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6252 FIXED UNIQUE CONSTRAINT violation Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5862 FIXED Varchar computed column without explicit type does not populate RDB$CHARACTER_LENGTH Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6310 FIXED Varchar length limit is not enforced when assigning string with trailing spaces in MBCS Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6260 FIXED Warnings not always displayed in ISQL Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6233 FIXED Wrong dependencies of stored function on view after backup and restore Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6309 FIXED fbsvcmgr can not decode information buffer returned by gfix list limbo service Major Closed
   Bug CORE-5364 FIXED gfix -online normal <db> (being issued in window #1) does not produce error when there is sysdba attachment in window #2 Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6227 FIXED isc_info_svc_user_dbpath always returns alias of main security database Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6265 FIXED mapping rules destroyed by backup / restore Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6266 FIXED Deleting records from MON$ATTACHMENTS using ORDER BY clause doesn't close the corresponding attachments Minor Resolved
   New Feature CORE-4933 FIXED Add better transaction control to isql Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-6189 FIXED Building bundled libtommath fails Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-2251 FIXED gbak doesn't return error code Minor Closed
Component API / Client Library 4
Component Build Issues / Porting 3
Component Engine 26
Component GBAK 3
Component GFIX 1
Component Installation 2
Component ISQL 3
Component NBACKUP 1
Component SVCMGR 1
  No Component 8

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