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(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-6346 FIXED New connection to the server hangs Blocker Resolved
   Bug CORE-6347 FIXED New connections to database server sometimes stall, when there is existing connection to database. Blocker Resolved
   Bug CORE-6296 FIXED Many connections results in poor performance Critical Closed
   Sub-task CORE-6371 FIXED CORE-6364
Avoid server crash on shutdown in case of wrong reference counting in UDR
Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6388 FIXED DEV_BUILD client asserts when closing event thread Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-6339 FIXED Detach server from security database when missing plugin data structures cause an error Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6360 FIXED Engine may hang due to races when starting crypt thread and simultaneous shutdown Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6323 FIXED File-system ID may be duplicated among databases located on different volumes Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6344 FIXED Invalid return type for functions with INT128 /Numeric(38)/ argument Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-6342 FIXED Make explicit basic type for high precision numerics - INT128 Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6331 FIXED Memory leak with some statements and expressions Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-6334 FIXED Missing relocation support Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-4985 FIXED Non-privileged user can implicitly count records in a restricted table Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6147 FIXED PLG$SRP table, PLG$SRP_VIEW View instructions are strangely added in the metadata script extracted when Windows trusted authentication is enabled Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-5838 FIXED Rotated Trace files locked by engine Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6364 FIXED Wrong reference counting in UDR trigger sample Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6386 FIXED ALTER SEQUENCE RESTART WITH <n> should not change the initial sequence START value Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6358 FIXED Adding NOT NULL column with DEFAULT value may cause default values to update when selecting or have the wrong charset Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6395 FIXED Allow usage of time zone displacement in config DefaultTimeZone Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6340 FIXED Alternate quoting does not work on some particular cases Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6305 FIXED Android port build failure Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6314 FIXED Assigning RDB$DB_KEY to MBCS CHAR/VARCHAR does not enforce the target limit Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6362 FIXED Better diagnostic when 'Missing security context' Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6379 FIXED Bugcheck 179 Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6318 FIXED CAST('NOW' as TIME) raises exception Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6084 FIXED CREATE SEQUENCE START WITH has wrong initial value Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6366 FIXED Check presence of tomcrypt & curses libraries before installing firebird Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6351 FIXED Computed field could be wrongly evaluated as NULL Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6398 FIXED Error converting string with hex representation of integer to smallint Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6302 FIXED Error writing an array of NUMERIC(24,6) to the database Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6303 FIXED Error writing to TIMESTAMP/TIME WITH TIME ZONE array Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6328 FIXED FB4 Beta 2 may still be using the current date for TIME WITH TIME ZONE and extended wire protocol. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6329 FIXED GBAK with service_mgr and WinSSPI authentication for Windows SYSTEM user producing error in clumplet API Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6376 FIXED IDENTITY column with explicit START WITH or INCREMENT BY starts with wrong value Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6353 FIXED INT128 has problems with some PSQL objects Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6387 FIXED ISQL aborted with core dump Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6368 FIXED Increase FB_API_VER to 40 Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6357 FIXED LEAD() and LAG() do not allow to specify 3rd argument ("DEFAULT" value when pointer is out of scope) of INT128 datatype. Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2274 FIXED MERGE non-standard behaviour, accepts multiple matches Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6308 FIXED Make it possible to update list of time zones (names and ids) without source code recompilation Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6397 FIXED Message length error with COALESCE and TIME/TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE and WITH TIME ZONE Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6319 FIXED NBACKUP locks db file on error Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6325 FIXED NTILE/RANK/PERCENT_RANK may cause problems in big statements Major Closed
   New Feature CORE-6300 FIXED Next attachment id, next statement id Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6356 FIXED ROUND() does not allow second argument >=1 when its first argument is more than MAX_BIGINT / 10 Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6336 FIXED Regression in FB 4.x: error "Implementation of text subtype <NNNN> not located" on attempt to use some collations defined in fbintl.conf Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6320 FIXED Replace Util methods to get interface pointer by legacy handle with plain functions Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6345 FIXED Server crashes on overflow of division result Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6317 FIXED Server is crashing on long GRANT statement Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6403 FIXED Some PSQL statements may lead to exceptions report wrong line/column Major Closed
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Component Engine 34
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