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Description: Final Release

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 36 of 36 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CORE-6528 FIXED Connect to database that contains broken pages can lead to FB crash Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6487 FIXED FETCH ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE beyond bounds of cursor should always position immediately before-first or after-last Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6486 FIXED FETCH RELATIVE has an off by one error for the first row Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6497 FIXED Fb4 RC1 synchronous replication to localhost hang on disconnect Major Resolved
   Improvement CORE-6485 FIXED Provide time zone ids constants in public headers Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6539 FIXED Replication plugin can crash engine returning nullptr from startTransaction() method Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6524 FIXED Various segfaults in fbclient Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6468 FIXED Wire compression causes sporadic "Error reading data from the connection." errors. Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6518 FIXED Wrong message when connecting to tiny trash database file Major Resolved
   Bug CORE-6526 FIXED AV in engine when StatementTimeout is active for user statement and some internal DSQL statement was executed as part of overall execution process Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6521 FIXED CAST of Infinity values to FLOAT doesn't work Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6446 FIXED CLOOP envelopes is wrong in IStatus Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6479 FIXED COMMENT ON USER can only apply comment on user defined by the default usermanager plugin Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6531 FIXED COMPUTED BY column looses charset and collate of source field <F> when <F> is either of type BLOB or VARCHAR casted to BLOB Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6466 FIXED Comments before the first line of code are removed Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6529 FIXED Error "no current record for fetch operation" when sorting by a international string Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6488 FIXED Event delivery could be missed when local (XNET) protocol is used Major Closed
   Sub-task CORE-6498 FIXED CORE-6319
Firebird server stops to listen to new connections after error in nbackup service
Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6534 FIXED Hash join cannot match records using some TIME ZONE / DECFLOAT keys Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6542 FIXED Implementation of SUBSTRING for UTF8 character set is inefficient Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6516 FIXED Protect included tomcrypt library from being overwritten by system package Major Closed
   Improvement CORE-6003 FIXED RDB$GET_TRANSACTION_CN works different in Super and Classic Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6477 FIXED Rare race condition in Plugin Manager could lead to the server crash Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6499 FIXED Regression: gstat with switch -t executed via services fails with "found unknown switch" error Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6532 FIXED Results of concatenation with blob has no info about collation of source columns (which are declared with such info) Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6509 FIXED Segfault when gfix requests for database page buffer more memory than available from OS Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6501 FIXED Segfault when shutting down database which got encrypted by another process Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6015 FIXED Segfault when using expression index with complex expression Major Closed
   Bug CORE-2032 FIXED Stored procedure recursively called by calculated field fails after reconnect Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6489 FIXED User without ALTER ANY ROLE privilege can use COMMENT ON ROLE Major Closed
   Bug CORE-6478 FIXED gbak discards replica mode Minor Resolved
   Bug CORE-6503 FIXED Attempt to create database with page_size >= 65536 makes DB with actual page size = 4k or 8k, but not 32k as it would be Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-6494 FIXED Inconsistent translation "string->timestamp->string->timestamp" and first dialect Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-6520 FIXED Invalid time zone (+08). Falling back to displacement Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-6504 FIXED Provide same results for date arithmetics when date is changed by values near +/-max(bigint) Minor Closed
   Bug CORE-6517 FIXED Regression: CREATE DATABASE fails with 'Token unknown' error when DB name is enclosed in double quotes and 'DEFAULT CHARACTER SET' is specified after DB name Trivial Closed
Component API / Client Library 4
Component Charsets/Collation 1
Component Engine 25
Component GBAK 1
Component Installation 1
Component NBACKUP 1
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