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Key: DNET-331
Type: Improvement Improvement
Status: Open Open
Priority: Major Major
Assignee: Jiri Cincura
Reporter: luis olascoaga
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.NET Data provider

Solution insertion and reading of the type fields multidimensional array (Error insertion of the array type fields solved)

Created: 13/Jul/10 11:02 PM   Updated: 13/Jul/10 11:02 PM
Component/s: ADO.NET Provider
Affects Version/s: 2.5.1, 2.5.2
Fix Version/s: None

Environment: windows and GNU/Linux amd64

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Here I present the solution to store and read array type fields and arrays
different dimensions (including char and varchar), independent of the ranges of indices
used by the field. The problem is solved by making the changes described below in the archives
Class ArrayBase.cs and GdsArray.cs, to slope the comments in the code:

In the method protected int GetSliceLength(bool read) ArrayBase.cs file should look like this:

protected int GetSliceLength(bool read) {

 int length = 0;

 int elements = 1;//Start at 1 and not 0

 for (int i = 0; i < this.descriptor.Dimensions; i++){
   ArrayBound bound = this.descriptor.Bounds[i];

  //Increase by multiplication, not addition



 length = elements * this.descriptor.Length;

 switch (this.descriptor.DataType){

  case IscCodes.blr_varying:

  case IscCodes.blr_varying2:

length += elements * 2;



  return length;


En el archivo GdsArray.cs:

Para el metodo protected override System.Array DecodeSlice(byte[] slice)

//Add this method to explore the structure vector indices

private void NextIndex(int []Low,int []Len,int []Indexs){

 int r,d,i=Len.Length-1;


  Indexs[i] = Indexs[i] - Low[i] + 1;

  r = Indexs[i] % Len[i];

  d = Indexs[i] / Len[i];

  Indexs[i] = r + Low[i];


 }while(i>=0 && r==0 && d==1);


protected override System.Array DecodeSlice(byte[] slice){

 DbDataType dbType = DbDataType.Array;

 Array sliceData = null;

 //TemData is no longer necessary

 //Array tempData = null;

 Type systemType = this.GetSystemType();

 int[] lengths = new int[this.Descriptor.Dimensions];

 int[] lowerBounds = new int[this.Descriptor.Dimensions];

 int[] posindexs = new int[this.Descriptor.Dimensions];//Indices for array of n dimensions

 int type = 0;

 int index = 0;

 // Get upper and lower bounds of each dimension

 for (int i = 0; i < this.Descriptor.Dimensions; i++){

  lowerBounds[i] = this.Descriptor.Bounds[i].LowerBound;

  posindexs[i] = lowerBounds[i];//Indices begin at the lowest values

  //The number of elements of dimension i is computed as follows:

  lengths[i] = this.Descriptor.Bounds[i].UpperBound - lowerBounds[i] + 1;


   This is no longer necessary conditional

   if (lowerBounds[i] == 0){



// Create arrays

#if (NET_CF)


   For this case should be posindexs = lowerBounds= {0,0,0,..0},

   could be as?:
   lowerBounds = new int[this.Descriptor.Dimensions];

   posindexs = new int[this.Descriptor.Dimensions];

 sliceData = Array.CreateInstance(systemType, lengths);


 sliceData = Array.CreateInstance(systemType, lengths, lowerBounds);



 //A decrease in the last index smaller


 // Infer Firebird and Db datatypes

 type = TypeHelper.GetFbType(this.Descriptor.DataType);

 dbType = TypeHelper.GetDbDataType(this.Descriptor.DataType, 0, this.Descriptor.Scale);

 // Decode slice data

 XdrStream xdr = new XdrStream(slice, this.database.Charset);

 while (xdr.Position < xdr.Length){

  //Search the following indices in the vector structure


  switch (dbType){


    In each case the switch is changed tempData.SetValue(xdr.?(),index)

    and sliceData.SetValue(xdr.?(), posindexs);


  case DbDataType.Char:

   sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadString(this.Descriptor.Length), posindexs);


  case DbDataType.VarChar:

   sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadString(), posindexs);


  case DbDataType.SmallInt:

   sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadInt16(), posindexs);


  case DbDataType.Integer:

   sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadInt32(), posindexs);


  case DbDataType.BigInt:

   sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadInt64(), posindexs);


  case DbDataType.Numeric:

  case DbDataType.Decimal:

   sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadDecimal(type, this.Descriptor.Scale), posindexs);


  case DbDataType.Float:

   sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadSingle(), posindexs);


  case DbDataType.Double:

   sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadDouble(), posindexs);


  case DbDataType.Date:

   sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadDate(), posindexs);


 case DbDataType.Time:

  sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadTime(), posindexs);


 case DbDataType.TimeStamp:

  sliceData.SetValue(xdr.ReadDateTime(), posindexs);






 This is no longer necessary conditional

 if (systemType.IsPrimitive) {

  // For primitive types we can use System.Buffer to copy generated data to destination array

  Buffer.BlockCopy(tempData, 0, sliceData, 0, Buffer.ByteLength(tempData));


 else {

  sliceData = tempData;



 // Close XDR stream


 return sliceData;


Finally in the method private byte[] ReceiveSliceResponse(ArrayDesc desc)

private byte[] ReceiveSliceResponse(ArrayDesc desc){


  int operation = this.database.ReadOperation();

  if (operation == IscCodes.op_slice){

   // Read slice length

   bool isVariying = false;

   int elements = 0;

   int length = this.database.ReadInt32();

   length = this.database.ReadInt32();

   switch (desc.DataType){

    case IscCodes.blr_text:

    case IscCodes.blr_text2:

    case IscCodes.blr_cstring:

    case IscCodes.blr_cstring2:

     elements = length / desc.Length;

     length += elements * ((4 - desc.Length) & 3);


   case IscCodes.blr_varying:

   case IscCodes.blr_varying2:


      The operation elements = length/desc.Length must be elements = length/(desc.Length+2)
      be the inverse of the following case GetSliceLength method of the class ArrayBase:
       length = elements * this.descriptor.Length;

       switch (this.descriptor.DataType){

        case IscCodes.blr_varying:

        case IscCodes.blr_varying2:

                                  length += elements * 2;




    elements = length/(desc.Length+2);

    isVariying = true;


  case IscCodes.blr_short:

... the rest is equal ...


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