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Lead: Jiri Cincura
Description: Implementation of the ADO.NET Data Provider for Firebird

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Open Issues

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   Bug DNET-541 UNRESOLVED Unhandled NullReferenceException when closing FbRemoteEvent Blocker Open
   Bug DNET-492 UNRESOLVED An event is not registered (QueueEvents) Critical Open
   Bug DNET-484 UNRESOLVED FbDataAdapter stripps down SMALLINT values while updating a DataTable ... Critical Open
   Bug DNET-560 UNRESOLVED Firebird .Net Provider Installer doesn't remove entries from the machine.config <DbProviderFactories> when removing/repair the provider Critical Open
   Bug DNET-439 UNRESOLVED TransactionScope not working with EnlistTransaction Critical Open
   Bug DNET-491 UNRESOLVED interruption for QueueEvents Critical Open
   Bug DNET-398 UNRESOLVED FbConnection.CreateDatabase does not always throw exceptions when it cannot create the database Critical In Progress
   Bug DNET-360 UNRESOLVED 'System.AccessViolationException' occurred in FB_965910463.dll on Dataadapter.Update when using threads Major Open
   Bug DNET-597 UNRESOLVED Access violation in FesStatement.Finalize Major Open
   Bug DNET-610 UNRESOLVED AccessViolationException inside FB_965910463_Class.isc_attach_database() Major Open
   Bug DNET-351 UNRESOLVED AccessViolationException inside FirebirdSql.Data.Client.Native.FesDatabase.~FesDatabase Major Open
   New Feature DNET-561 UNRESOLVED Add ETW logging support to the provider to get better error logging and have a way to trace the performance of the .Net provider Major Open
   Sub-task DNET-505 UNRESOLVED DNET-462
Async support
Major Open
   Bug DNET-284 UNRESOLVED CreateDatabase etc. methods are not working trusted auth Major Open
   Bug DNET-320 UNRESOLVED DataAdapter.Update method is very slow when database is located on flash disks Major Open
   Bug DNET-313 UNRESOLVED Error insertion of array type fields Major Open
   Bug DNET-440 UNRESOLVED Execution of query hangs up/freezes Major Open
   Bug DNET-399 UNRESOLVED FBValidation does not output any information as to success or failure of a requested Database Validation operation. Major Open
   Bug DNET-347 UNRESOLVED FbBatchExecution: Cannot determine SQL statement for ALTER CHARACTER SET Major Open
   Sub-task DNET-251 UNRESOLVED DNET-247
FbConnectionInternal public FbTransaction BeginTransaction methods issue
Major Open
   Bug DNET-595 UNRESOLVED FbConnectionPoolManager not closing connections Major Open
   Improvement DNET-458 UNRESOLVED FbConnectionStringBuilder Major Open
   Bug DNET-502 UNRESOLVED FbRemoteEvent problem Major Open
   Bug DNET-476 UNRESOLVED FesTransaction.Commit - Update event handlers NullReferenceException Major Open
   Bug DNET-509 UNRESOLVED Firebird .NET Data Provider reads Guids incorrectly on little-endian systems Major Open
   Bug DNET-493 UNRESOLVED Multiple websites in IIS with native dll use 100% or core CPU Major Open
   Bug DNET-607 UNRESOLVED Pooling clears current active connections Major Open
   Bug DNET-229 UNRESOLVED Possible memory leaks due to SuppressFinalize in constructors Major Open
   Bug DNET-591 UNRESOLVED Problem with FbConnect Major Open
   Task DNET-319 UNRESOLVED Process RETURNING and SP output Major Open
   Bug DNET-582 UNRESOLVED Random bug in finalizing DbCommands Major Open
   Improvement DNET-286 UNRESOLVED Reading BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT is very very slow Major Open
   Improvement DNET-606 UNRESOLVED Show unknown statement in FbBatchExecution Major Open
   Improvement DNET-331 UNRESOLVED Solution insertion and reading of the type fields multidimensional array (Error insertion of the array type fields solved) Major Open
   Task DNET-462 UNRESOLVED Support for ADO.NET 4.5 Major Open
   Task DNET-332 UNRESOLVED Test class to insert and read multidimensional array fields Major Open
   Bug DNET-335 UNRESOLVED The nullable flag of a stored procedure parameter seems to be wrong Major Open
   Improvement DNET-532 UNRESOLVED The performance when doing parametrized builk inserts is poor Major Open
   Bug DNET-540 UNRESOLVED Transaction not rolling back Major Open
   Bug DNET-396 UNRESOLVED invalid transaction handle Major Open
   Bug DNET-533 UNRESOLVED none Major Open
   Improvement DNET-604 UNRESOLVED Improvement the time to execute parametred queries Major In Progress
   New Feature DNET-279 UNRESOLVED Allow use of stream as value for FbParameter Minor Open
   Bug DNET-543 UNRESOLVED Could not load type 'FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.FbConnectionString' from assembly 'FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient' Minor Open
   Bug DNET-441 UNRESOLVED Error in BLOBs of text type Minor Open
   Bug DNET-371 UNRESOLVED Expression not supported in FbBatchExecution : "ALTER ROLE RDB$ADMIN SET AUTO ADMIN MAPPING" Minor Open
   Bug DNET-490 UNRESOLVED FbBatchExecution closes database connection Minor Open
   Bug DNET-281 UNRESOLVED FbConnectionStringBuilder default values behavior Minor Open
   Bug DNET-310 UNRESOLVED FbScript and/or StringParser incorrect whitespace handling (FirebirdSql.Data.Isql namespace) Minor Open
   Task DNET-576 UNRESOLVED IPv6 support Minor Open
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