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Lead: Jiri Cincura

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Open Issues

12 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Sub-task DNET-921 UNRESOLVED DNET-812
Compatibility with Firebird 4 for Decfloat(16)
Major Open
   Sub-task DNET-922 UNRESOLVED DNET-812
Compatibility with Firebird 4 for Decfloat(34)
Major Open
   Sub-task DNET-925 UNRESOLVED DNET-812
Compatibility with Firebird 4 for Int128
Major Open
   Improvement DNET-967 UNRESOLVED Consider LOCALTIME and LOCALTIMESTAMP for EF6/EFCore Major Open
   Bug DNET-926 UNRESOLVED Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -104 Token unknown AND - EF Core - Two or more *Where* parameters in LINQ to SQL Major Open
   New Feature DNET-975 UNRESOLVED EF Core 5.0 support Major Open
   Sub-task DNET-798 UNRESOLVED DNET-663
EF Core scaffolding support
Major Open
   New Feature DNET-968 UNRESOLVED Support for command timeout in connection string Major Open
   New Feature DNET-630 UNRESOLVED Support for Firebird 3.0 Major Reopened
   New Feature DNET-812 UNRESOLVED Support for Firebird 4.0 Major Reopened
   New Feature DNET-796 UNRESOLVED Mapping numeric types in the same configurable way you can do in Oracle Minor Open
   Bug DNET-913 UNRESOLVED System.InvalidCastException: Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types. Minor Open
  Unscheduled 12

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