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Release Date: 22/May/09
Description: FirebirdClient 2.5.0 - ADO.NET 2.0 Data Provider
2.5.0 FirebirdClient 2.5.0 - ADO.NET 2.0 Data Provider 2009-05-22T00-00

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 18 of 18 issues have been resolved


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   Bug DNET-106 FIXED FbCommandBuilder GetInsertCommand(True) throws an Implicit Cast Exception Resolved
   Bug DNET-96 FIXED FbConnection.CreateDatabase creates database with wrong PageSize Blocker Resolved
   Improvement DNET-113 FIXED Referenced assembly 'FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient' does not have a strong name .NET CF Blocker Closed
   Bug DNET-122 FIXED CF build has no AssemblyInfo filled Major Resolved
   Bug DNET-123 FIXED CF build has no resource build in Major Resolved
   Improvement DNET-111 FIXED Change charsets of web-scripts Major Resolved
   Bug DNET-141 FIXED Cloning FbConnection without connection string throws exception Major Resolved
   Bug DNET-143 FIXED Error in FbConnection.ChangeDatabase Major Resolved
   Bug DNET-144 FIXED Parameters by ExecuteNonQuery Major Resolved
   Improvement DNET-137 FIXED Replace "\n" in code with Enviroment.NewLine Major Resolved
   Improvement DNET-127 FIXED Calling AcceptChanges only for rows without errors when performing batch execution Major Closed
   Bug DNET-120 FIXED Exception when using FbRestore with .Verbose = true Major Closed
   Improvement DNET-110 FIXED Start enlisted transaction using the correct isolation level Major Closed
   Improvement DNET-125 FIXED generated DBConcurrencyException should return a row with error Major Closed
   Bug DNET-138 FIXED FbDataAdapter.FbCommand.Parameters.AddRange() Method Infinite Loop Minor Resolved
   Task DNET-88 FIXED Implementation of version 11 of the Firebird Protocol Minor Resolved
   Improvement DNET-136 FIXED Revork StringCollection in FbScript, ... to use generics Minor Closed
   Improvement DNET-146 FIXED Improve Get...Text methods in FbDataReader and FbMetaData Trivial Resolved
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