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Release Date: 07/Jun/18 2018-06-07T00-00

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   Improvement DNET-790 FIXED Base HasRows on the Fields from Statement #breaking Major Resolved
   Improvement DNET-638 FIXED Clean only idle connections from pool #breaking Major Resolved
   Task DNET-818 FIXED Connections that are "broken" should not go back to the pool #breaking Major Resolved
   Task DNET-789 FIXED DiscardImplicitTransaction should really be rollback #breaking Major Resolved
   Task DNET-774 FIXED Drop NET40 support #breaking Major Resolved
   New Feature DNET-663 FIXED EF Core 2.0 support Major Resolved
   Task DNET-791 FIXED Enlistment improvements Major Resolved
   Bug DNET-509 FIXED Firebird .NET Data Provider reads Guids incorrectly on little-endian systems #breaking Major Resolved
   Sub-task DNET-766 FIXED DNET-791
Not enabling auto-enlistment should not disable system transactions.
Major Resolved
   Bug DNET-770 FIXED Problem with INSERT (...) RETURNING (...) and using DataReader #breaking Major Resolved
   Sub-task DNET-764 FIXED DNET-791
Support lack of ambient transaction when auto-enlisting is activated
Major Resolved
   Task DNET-776 FIXED Switch to single csproj with multitargeting Major Resolved
   Bug DNET-816 FIXED Wrong EntityFramewordCore command with Asp.Net Core Identity Major Resolved
   Improvement DNET-820 FIXED .NET Standard 2.0 does not need PlatformAbstractions Minor Resolved
   Improvement DNET-808 FIXED Add support for Thai charset TIS620 Minor Resolved
   Task DNET-732 FIXED Drop pre-EF6 support in FirebirdClient (EF6 kept intact) #breaking Minor Resolved
   Sub-task DNET-765 FIXED DNET-791
Enable auto-enlistment by default #breaking
Minor Resolved
   Bug DNET-805 FIXED Reading blobs with packet size of short.MaxValue might cause ArgumentException Minor Resolved
   Task DNET-800 FIXED Support for SupportsParameterOptimizationInSchemaQueries Minor Resolved
   Improvement DNET-809 FIXED Remove tests dll from installer to make it smaller Trivial Resolved
Component ADO.NET Provider 18
Component Entity Framework 3
Component Entity Framework Core 2
Component NuGet packages 1

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