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Lead: Mark Rotteveel
Description: Pure Java implementation of the wire protocol for Firebird

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Open Issues

7 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   New Feature JDBC-546 UNRESOLVED Add permission check for RC4 encryption with 160 bits key and otherwise default to wireCrypt=DISABLED instead of ENABLED Major Open
   New Feature JDBC-613 UNRESOLVED Add support for Chacha wire encryption plugin Major Open
   Bug JDBC-550 UNRESOLVED Connecting without username or password to Firebird 3+ yields unclear error message Major Open
   Task JDBC-422 UNRESOLVED Create correct SPB version for service parameter and request buffers Major Open
   Task JDBC-401 UNRESOLVED Develop cleaner solution for closing resources on commit/rollback Major Open
   New Feature JDBC-466 UNRESOLVED Firebird 4 support Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-225 UNRESOLVED Attempt to retrieve actual processId Trivial Open
Unreleased Jaybird 4.0.4 2
Unreleased Jaybird 5 6

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