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Lead: Mark Rotteveel
Description: Support for Services API

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Change Log

Progress:  No issues.
Bugfix release for Jaybird 3.0.x
No issues
  1 of 1 issues have been resolved
Bugfix release for Jaybird 3.0.x
   Bug JDBC-493 FIXED FBTraceManager.loadConfigurationFromFile Trivial Closed
  8 of 8 issues have been resolved
Post 2.2 version to include additional features for Firebird 2.5 and wire protocol improvements
   Improvement JDBC-485 FIXED Add Oldest Interesting, Oldest Active, Oldest Snapshot and Next Transaction information to FBStatisticsManager Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-484 FIXED Add getServerVersion to management API Major Closed
   New Feature JDBC-380 FIXED Allow setting page size when creating a database with FBManager Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-286 FIXED DPB and SPB format are different Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-256 FIXED Implement new remote backup option of services API Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-266 FIXED Incorrect limbo transaction numbers Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-432 FIXED Support 48 bit (technically 64 bit) transaction ids. Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-332 DUPLICATE Provide ability to call analogue of isc_portable_integer() Minor Closed

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