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Description: Post 2.2 version to include additional features for Firebird 2.5 and wire protocol improvements

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   Bug JDBC-397 FIXED Deadlock in event cancellation with fbclient Blocker Resolved
   Bug JDBC-410 FIXED Incomplete statement state transitions Blocker Resolved
   Bug JDBC-312 FIXED Batch insert with setBinaryStream inserts an empty BLOB Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-433 FIXED CLONE -Batch insert with setBinaryStream inserts an empty BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-374 FIXED Firebird 2.1.7 crashes when running Jaybird 3.0 tests Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-282 CANNOT REPRODUCE Access Violation JVM crash during execution of org.firebirdsql.jdbc.TestFBResultSet Blocker Closed
   New Feature JDBC-217 FIXED Implement SRP for new Firebird 3.0 authentication Critical Resolved
   Task JDBC-201 FIXED Migrate JUnit tests to JUnit 4 Critical Resolved
   Task JDBC-360 FIXED Reimplement signalling of (connection) errors in FBManagedConnection Critical Resolved
   Bug JDBC-391 FIXED SELECT statements are processed for getGeneratedKeys by appending RETURNING (+ all columnnames) Critical Closed
   Bug JDBC-259 FIXED UnsatisfiedLinkError occurs in undefined symbol: _ZTVN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE Critical Closed
   Sub-task JDBC-329 FIXED JDBC-319
Add Java 8 / JDBC 4.2 support to Jaybird 3.0
Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-485 FIXED Add Oldest Interesting, Oldest Active, Oldest Snapshot and Next Transaction information to FBStatisticsManager Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-405 FIXED Add field index to DataTruncation Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-322 FIXED Add metadata information for FB 3 IDENTITY columns Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-437 FIXED Add preliminary Java 9 / JDBC 4.3 support Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-292 FIXED Allow nested JDBC escapes Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-380 FIXED Allow setting page size when creating a database with FBManager Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-240 FIXED Always treat (VAR)CHAR CHARACTER SET OCTETS as if it is actually (VAR)BINARY Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-299 FIXED Blob sizes > Integer.MAX_VALUE are reported incorrectly Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-328 FIXED JDBC-313
Check handle invalidation in new protocol implementation
Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-378 FIXED Check if bytebuffers in JNA need to be pooled Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-449 FIXED Could not initialize class org.firebirdsql.encodings.EncodingFactory$DefaultEncodingFactory Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-231 FIXED DatabaseMetaData use of quoted/unquoted identifiers is inconsistent Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-323 FIXED DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo column SEARCHABLE: incorrect value Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-269 FIXED Decisions on charactersets happen in to many places Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-446 FIXED Deny connection with no character set specified by default Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-291 FIXED Exceptions during statement preparation leave connection and transaction open after explicit close Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-427 FIXED FBBackupManager cannot restore backup with accented character in backup path Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-344 FIXED FBXADataSource closes ResultSet in managed transaction Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-394 FIXED Generated key grammar does not detect returning clause in INSERT ... SELECT ... RETURNING Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-429 FIXED Handle get/set/updateNString/NClob/NCharacterStream as get/set/updateString/Clob/CharacterStream Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-187 FIXED Implement (if possible) JDBC 4.0 methods currently throwing FBDriverNotCapableException Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-197 FIXED Implement Firebird wire protocol improvements Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-338 FIXED Implement JDBC 4.2 java.time (JSR 310) object conversions Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-340 FIXED Implement ResultSet.getObject(int/String, Class<?>) Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-256 FIXED Implement new remote backup option of services API Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-251 FIXED Invalid DPB encoding for 2.5 servers Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-458 FIXED JDBC 4.1+ mapping for BigInteger is missing Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-441 FIXED JDBC-437
JDBC 4.3 override Statement.enquoteNCharLiteral to use Statement.enquoteLiteral
Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-439 FIXED JDBC-437
JDBC 4.3: override Statement.enquoteIdentifier with limitations of Firebird / dialect 1
Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-438 FIXED JDBC-437
JDBC 4.3: override Statement.enquoteLiteral to use double quotes in dialect 1
Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-440 FIXED JDBC-437
JDBC 4.3: override Statement.isSimpleIdentifier with limitations of Firebird
Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-237 FIXED JNI Implementation for writing VARCHAR (SQL_VARYING) writes too much data Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-207 FIXED NPE in ManagedConnection#internalCommit() on fatal error Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-93 FIXED Problems with connection pooling on Sun Appserver 9.0_01 (Glassfish) Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-273 FIXED Refactor ParameterBufferBase in gds.impl.jni and gds.impl.wire to a common abstract base class Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-263 FIXED Remove Java 5 / JDBC 3.0 specific support Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-486 FIXED Remove dependency on JAXB Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-195 FIXED Remove obsolete code for JDK 1.4 and earlier, JDBC 2.0 and earlier from the codebase Major Resolved
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