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Release Date: 07/May/17
Description: Post 2.2 version to include additional features for Firebird 2.5 and wire protocol improvements
Jaybird 3.0.0 Post 2.2 version to include additional features for Firebird 2.5 and wire protocol improvements 2017-05-07T00-00

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   Bug JDBC-312 FIXED Batch insert with setBinaryStream inserts an empty BLOB Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-433 FIXED CLONE -Batch insert with setBinaryStream inserts an empty BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-397 FIXED Deadlock in event cancellation with fbclient Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-374 FIXED Firebird 2.1.7 crashes when running Jaybird 3.0 tests Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-410 FIXED Incomplete statement state transitions Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-282 CANNOT REPRODUCE Access Violation JVM crash during execution of org.firebirdsql.jdbc.TestFBResultSet Blocker Closed
   New Feature JDBC-217 FIXED Implement SRP for new Firebird 3.0 authentication Critical Closed
   Task JDBC-201 FIXED Migrate JUnit tests to JUnit 4 Critical Closed
   Task JDBC-360 FIXED Reimplement signalling of (connection) errors in FBManagedConnection Critical Closed
   Bug JDBC-391 FIXED SELECT statements are processed for getGeneratedKeys by appending RETURNING (+ all columnnames) Critical Closed
   Bug JDBC-259 FIXED UnsatisfiedLinkError occurs in undefined symbol: _ZTVN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE Critical Closed
   Sub-task JDBC-329 FIXED JDBC-319
Add Java 8 / JDBC 4.2 support to Jaybird 3.0
Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-485 FIXED Add Oldest Interesting, Oldest Active, Oldest Snapshot and Next Transaction information to FBStatisticsManager Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-405 FIXED Add field index to DataTruncation Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-484 FIXED Add getServerVersion to management API Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-322 FIXED Add metadata information for FB 3 IDENTITY columns Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-437 FIXED Add preliminary Java 9 / JDBC 4.3 support Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-478 FIXED Allow Blob.setBytes and Clob.setString when position is 1 Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-453 FIXED Allow absolute position with value 0 Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-292 FIXED Allow nested JDBC escapes Major Closed
   New Feature JDBC-380 FIXED Allow setting page size when creating a database with FBManager Major Closed
   New Feature JDBC-240 FIXED Always treat (VAR)CHAR CHARACTER SET OCTETS as if it is actually (VAR)BINARY Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-317 FIXED Backport getTypeInfo and getColumns metadata fixes with lengths and radix Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-299 FIXED Blob sizes > Integer.MAX_VALUE are reported incorrectly Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-470 FIXED CLONE -ResultSetMetaData.getPrecision of a numeric column when no transaction is active throws an SQLException Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-474 FIXED CONCUR_UPDATABLE Statement throws ClassCastException executing non-updatable statement Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-335 FIXED Calls to getCrossReference fail Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-460 FIXED Can't connect to the FB 3 server with AuthServer = Legacy_Auth. Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-362 FIXED Can't use Jaybird with distributed transactions. Calling close on a connection triggers exception Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-308 FIXED Change metadata queries to always return VARCHAR for strings Major Closed
   Sub-task JDBC-328 FIXED JDBC-313
Check handle invalidation in new protocol implementation
Major Closed
   Task JDBC-378 FIXED Check if bytebuffers in JNA need to be pooled Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-284 FIXED Connection properties definition not processed correctly Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-449 FIXED Could not initialize class org.firebirdsql.encodings.EncodingFactory$DefaultEncodingFactory Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-372 FIXED Current method of quoting in FBRowUpdater incorrect for dialect 1 Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-286 FIXED DPB and SPB format are different Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-412 FIXED DatabaseMetaData supportsGetGeneratedKeys reports true when antlr-runtime not available. Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-231 FIXED DatabaseMetaData use of quoted/unquoted identifiers is inconsistent Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-331 FIXED DatabaseMetaData.getPrimaryKeys returns wrong primary keys for tables containing underscores _ Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-323 FIXED DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo column SEARCHABLE: incorrect value Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-426 FIXED DatabaseMetadata.getColumn returns 0 for DECIMAL_DIGITS Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-435 FIXED Deadlock in multi-threaded environment Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-269 FIXED Decisions on charactersets happen in to many places Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-473 FIXED Default connection encoding specified through org.firebirdsql.jdbc.defaultConnectionEncoding not actually set Major Closed
   New Feature JDBC-446 FIXED Deny connection with no character set specified by default Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-314 FIXED Error when setting connection charset equals "file.encoding" java property Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-291 FIXED Exceptions during statement preparation leave connection and transaction open after explicit close Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-427 FIXED FBBackupManager cannot restore backup with accented character in backup path Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-462 FIXED FBBigDecimal, unsupported field sqltype: 481 Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-315 FIXED FBConnectionProperties.setCharSet encoding issue Major Closed
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