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Description: Version for additional Firebird 3.0 + 4.0 compatibility

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   Bug JDBC-575 FIXED FBConnectionTest.testLockTable hangs on EMBEDDED after upgrading to JNA 5.2 Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-542 FIXED FBEventManager triggering "org/firebirdsql/gds/ng/wire/AsynchronousProcessor" thread spikes CPU and goes in to infinite IOException loop when FB is shut down Blocker Closed
   Improvement JDBC-497 FIXED Slow read of blob and high memory usage Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-538 FIXED When the Exception is thrown out from the constructor in: AbstractPreparedStatement - line: 151, finalizer tries to remove FBstatement from activeStatements collection and warn appears. Critical Closed
   Task JDBC-585 UNRESOLVED Consider switching to single artifact name, and java target specific versions Major Open
   New Feature JDBC-466 UNRESOLVED Firebird 4 support Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-564 UNRESOLVED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: Add Firebird 4 reserved words to FirebirdVersionMetaData
Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-596 UNRESOLVED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: Remove DEC_FIXED extended numeric precision support
Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-597 FIXED Ability to trace statements execution Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-444 FIXED Add JDBC RowId support Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-524 FIXED Add JDBC escapes DEGREE/RADIANS Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-523 FIXED Add JDBC escapes TIMESTAMPADD/TIMESTAMPDIFF Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-413 FIXED Add property to disable or restrict generated keys support on connection level Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-589 FIXED Add support for setNetworkTimeout/getNetworkTimeout() Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-417 FIXED Allow for selection of authentication plugins through connection properties Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-582 FIXED Apply jdp-2019-02 naming convention Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-551 FIXED Check and fix metadata types in DatabaseMetaData Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-492 FIXED Completely remove CharacterTranslator and the character mapping / translation feature. Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-562 FIXED DatabaseMetaData patterns: treat escape character as normal when not followed by _, % or itself. Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-496 FIXED DatabaseMetaData.getBestRowIdentifier handling of 'scope' is wrong Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-590 FIXED Don't include procedures in packages from DatabaseMetaData.getProcedures and getProcedureColumns Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-594 FIXED Event Manager for an existing connection Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-506 FIXED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: DECFLOAT support
Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-516 FIXED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: Support for increased precision of NUMERIC and DECIMAL (DEC_FIXED)
Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-595 FIXED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: Support for increased precision of NUMERIC and DECIMAL (INT128)
Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-540 FIXED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: TIME(STAMP) WITH TIME ZONE support
Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-570 FIXED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: Use RETURNING * for generated keys
Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-591 FIXED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: check and correct precision reported in various metadata for FLOAT/REAL/DOUBLE PRECISION (for FB4+ only)
Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-552 FIXED Implement DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions and DatabaseMetaData.getFunctionColumns Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-445 FIXED Implement DatabaseMetaData.getPseudoColumns Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-548 FIXED Implement DatabaseMetaData.getVersionColumns Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-294 FIXED Improve JDBC escape function implementation for CONVERT Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-367 FIXED Include new FB3 embedded quote for string literals in parsers Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-519 FIXED Jaybird should explicitly call fb_shutdown() on VM exit when using Firebird Embedded Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-555 FIXED Re-check FirebirdVersionMetaData and remove words reserved in SQL:2003 Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-537 FIXED Remove Legacy_Auth from default list of authentication plugins Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-491 FIXED Remove deprecated fields, methods, etc as mentioned in the Jaybird 3.0 release notes Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-553 FIXED Removed documentation copied from JDBC Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-588 FIXED incorrectly frees blob returned from ResultSet.getBlob Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-514 FIXED Revise column display size reported Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-526 FIXED Stop including a JCA Resource Archive in the distribution zip Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-293 FIXED Support JDBC escapes with optional parameters Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-574 FIXED Support for Firebird 3 explained execution plan Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-520 FIXED Support jdbc:firebird: as protocol prefix for all driver types Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-572 FIXED Upgrade ANTLR to 4.7.2 Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-587 FIXED Use of Blob from result set yields NullPointerException after commit Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-569 FIXED getGeneratedKeys add support for MERGE Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-567 FIXED getGeneratedKeys execute methods should disallow empty or null arrays Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-568 FIXED getGeneratedKeys methods should not sort int[] array Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-511 FIXED Add explicit automatic module name to Jaybird Major Closed
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