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Description: Version for additional Firebird 3.0 + 4.0 compatibility

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   Improvement JDBC-497 FIXED Slow read of blob and high memory usage Blocker Closed
   Improvement JDBC-413 UNRESOLVED Add property to disable or restrict generated keys support on connection level Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-521 UNRESOLVED Add property url on (relevant) data sources Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-443 UNRESOLVED Add support for JDBC 4.2 get/setLargeMaxRows beyond Integer.MAX_VALUE Major Open
   New Feature JDBC-417 UNRESOLVED Allow for selection of authentication plugins through connection properties Major Open
   Task JDBC-422 UNRESOLVED Create correct SPB version for service parameter and request buffers Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-283 UNRESOLVED JDBC-266
Create test for FBMaintenanceManager limbo transactions with multi-site transaction
Major Open
   Bug JDBC-496 UNRESOLVED DatabaseMetaData.getBestRowIdentifier handling of 'scope' is wrong Major Open
   Task JDBC-401 UNRESOLVED Develop cleaner solution for closing resources on commit/rollback Major Open
   New Feature JDBC-466 UNRESOLVED Firebird 4 support Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-506 UNRESOLVED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: DECFLOAT support
Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-468 UNRESOLVED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: Page size 32kb
Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-516 UNRESOLVED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: Support for increased precision of NUMERIC and DECIMAL (DEC_FIXED)
Major Open
   New Feature JDBC-445 UNRESOLVED Implement DatabaseMetaData.getPseudoColumns Major Open
   Task JDBC-367 UNRESOLVED Include new FB3 embedded quote for string literals in parsers Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-310 UNRESOLVED JDBC-308
Isolate/extract metadata ResultSet behavior
Major Open
   Bug JDBC-518 UNRESOLVED JNA truncates varchars to length 255 on read Major Open
   Bug JDBC-519 UNRESOLVED Jaybird should explicitly call fb_shutdown() on VM exit when using Firebird Embedded Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-465 UNRESOLVED Refactor handling of metadata statements/transactions Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-296 UNRESOLVED Refactor implementation of {call ...} escape for better support in Statement, PreparedStatement and CallableStatement Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-289 UNRESOLVED JDBC-288
Review class hierarchy of FBStatement, FBPreparedStatement and FBCallableStatement
Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-514 UNRESOLVED Revise column display size reported Major Open
   Bug JDBC-226 UNRESOLVED Specifying a roleName makes all tables read only in OpenOffice / LibreOffice Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-520 UNRESOLVED Support jdbc:firebird: as protocol prefix for all driver types Major Open
   Task JDBC-387 UNRESOLVED Upgrade to JCA 1.7 Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-346 UNRESOLVED JDBC-344
XA fix of JDBC-344 doesn't work for ManagedConnection with connectionSharing=true
Major Open
   Bug JDBC-229 UNRESOLVED getProcedureColumns metadata wrong description of RETURNS columns Major Open
   New Feature JDBC-444 FIXED Add JDBC RowId support Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-524 FIXED Add JDBC escapes DEGREE/RADIANS Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-523 FIXED Add JDBC escapes TIMESTAMPADD/TIMESTAMPDIFF Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-492 FIXED Completely remove CharacterTranslator and the character mapping / translation feature. Major Resolved
   New Feature JDBC-415 FIXED Implement Firebird 3 wire encryption Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-294 FIXED Improve JDBC escape function implementation for CONVERT Major Resolved
   Task JDBC-491 FIXED Remove deprecated fields, methods, etc as mentioned in the Jaybird 3.0 release notes Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-293 FIXED Support JDBC escapes with optional parameters Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-511 FIXED Add explicit automatic module name to Jaybird Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-512 FIXED Do not call setCause if setLinkedException already called it Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-502 FIXED Drop requirement for connection character set on connect Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-494 FIXED FBDatabaseMetaData.getTables does not list tables where rdb$relation_type is null Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-495 FIXED Load character sets on-demand, not on initialization Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-498 FIXED Specifying an invalid character set triggers the "Connection rejected: No connection character set specified" error Major Closed
   Task JDBC-196 DUPLICATE Add JCA 1.5 or 1.6 support Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-424 UNRESOLVED Cleanup escape parsing to prevent multiple passes Minor Open
   Task JDBC-209 UNRESOLVED Investigate ResultSet behavior in autocommit Minor Open
   Improvement JDBC-225 UNRESOLVED Attempt to retrieve actual processId Trivial Open
   Bug JDBC-493 FIXED FBTraceManager.loadConfigurationFromFile Trivial Closed
Component JCA layer 3
Component JDBC driver 32
Component JNI/JNA layer 6
Component Services API 3
Component Wire protocol 6
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