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Release Date: 11/May/13
Description: Bugfix release for Jaybird 2.2.x
Jaybird 2.2.3 Bugfix release for Jaybird 2.2.x 2013-05-11T00-00

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 5 of 5 issues have been resolved


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   Bug JDBC-304 FIXED Opening new PreparedStatement will close opened ResultSet (in AUTOCOMMIT mode) Critical Closed
   Bug JDBC-308 FIXED Change metadata queries to always return VARCHAR for strings Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-305 FIXED Holdable ResultSet is closed on autocommit Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-309 FIXED JDBC 4 minor version decision uses wrong system property Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-300 FIXED Synchronization Bug with Blob - SOLUTION Major Closed
Component JDBC driver 5
Component Services API 1
Component Wire protocol 1

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