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Release Date: 31/May/15
Description: Bugfix release for Jaybird 2.2.x
Jaybird 2.2.8 Bugfix release for Jaybird 2.2.x 2015-05-31T00-00

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 7 of 7 issues have been resolved


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   Bug JDBC-391 FIXED SELECT statements are processed for getGeneratedKeys by appending RETURNING (+ all columnnames) Critical Closed
   Improvement JDBC-384 FIXED Don't use Firebird provided IP address for connecting event channel Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-392 FIXED Generated key grammar does not correctly handle quoted table names Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-393 FIXED Generated key grammar does not detect returning clause in update and delete Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-383 FIXED LibreOffice doesn't display tables with more than 41 records Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-388 FIXED Connection.getMetaData().getColumns ResultSet contains wrong (empty) COLUMN_DEF if column type was defined using Domain Minor Closed
   Bug JDBC-390 FIXED Unable to retrieve update count after result set. Minor Closed
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