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Description: Second beta of Jaybird 4

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 7 of 8 issues have been resolved


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   New Feature JDBC-552 UNRESOLVED Implement DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions and DatabaseMetaData.getFunctionColumns Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-589 FIXED Add support for setNetworkTimeout/getNetworkTimeout() Major Resolved
   Improvement JDBC-590 FIXED Don't include procedures in packages from DatabaseMetaData.getProcedures and getProcedureColumns Major Resolved
   Sub-task JDBC-591 FIXED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: check and correct precision reported in various metadata for FLOAT/REAL/DOUBLE PRECISION (for FB4+ only)
Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-588 FIXED incorrectly frees blob returned from ResultSet.getBlob Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-587 FIXED Use of Blob from result set yields NullPointerException after commit Major Resolved
   Bug JDBC-584 FIXED Some connection properties don't work from DriverManager Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-593 FIXED Add binary literal prefix and suffix to DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo() Minor Resolved
Component JDBC driver 8

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