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Release Date: 14/Mar/20
Description: First Jaybird 4 release (use for changes after 4.0.0-beta-2)
Jaybird 4.0.0 First Jaybird 4 release (use for changes after 4.0.0-beta-2) 2020-03-14T00-00

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   New Feature JDBC-611 FIXED Add minimal support for EXTENDED TIME(STAMP) WITH TIME ZONE types Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-612 FIXED Firebird 4 incompatibility due to TAG_PLUGIN_SPECIFIC Major Closed
   Sub-task JDBC-596 FIXED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: Remove DEC_FIXED extended numeric precision support
Major Closed
   New Feature JDBC-416 FIXED Make Firebird 3 authentication pluggable Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-610 FIXED URL encoding clashes with base64 encoding values for dbCryptConfig Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-509 FIXED Update JNA to 5.5 (was: Update JNA to 4.5/5.2/5.3) Minor Closed
Component JDBC driver 2
Component JNI/JNA layer 1
Component Wire protocol 2
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