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Project Lead: Mark Rotteveel

Release Notes

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Change Log

Bugfix release for Jaybird 3.0.x
   Bug JDBC-542 FIXED FBEventManager triggering "org/firebirdsql/gds/ng/wire/AsynchronousProcessor" thread spikes CPU and goes in to infinite IOException loop when FB is shut down Blocker Closed
   Bug JDBC-538 FIXED When the Exception is thrown out from the constructor in: AbstractPreparedStatement - line: 151, finalizer tries to remove FBstatement from activeStatements collection and warn appears. Critical Closed
   Improvement JDBC-536 FIXED Add support for the new Srp256 authentication plugin (and others) Major Closed
   Task JDBC-545 FIXED Document necessity to apply unlimited cryptographic strength policy for wire encryption Major Closed
   Sub-task JDBC-468 FIXED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: Page size 32kb
Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-534 FIXED Jaybird does not handle revision numbers in version string Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-535 FIXED Version number parsing in GDSServerVersion and AbstractFbDatabase (and GDS for earlier versions) is incorrect Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-544 FIXED wireCrypt property not exposed for FBEventManager Major Closed
Bugfix release for Jaybird 3.0.x
   New Feature JDBC-527 FIXED Add support for database encryption callback Major Closed
   New Feature JDBC-415 FIXED Implement Firebird 3 wire encryption Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-518 FIXED JNA truncates varchars to length 255 on read Major Closed
Bugfix release for Jaybird 2.2.x
   Improvement JDBC-511 FIXED Add explicit automatic module name to Jaybird Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-493 FIXED FBTraceManager.loadConfigurationFromFile Trivial Closed


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Resolved Resolved 52
Closed Closed 443

Open Issues

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