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Project Lead: Mark Rotteveel

Release Notes

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Change Log

Bugfix release for Jaybird 3.0.x
   Bug JDBC-599 FIXED Jaybird SocketInputStream.socketRead0 thread blocking Critical Closed
Bugfix release for Jaybird 3.0.x
   New Feature JDBC-594 FIXED Event Manager for an existing connection Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-588 FIXED incorrectly frees blob returned from ResultSet.getBlob Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-587 FIXED Use of Blob from result set yields NullPointerException after commit Major Closed
Bugfix release for Jaybird 3.0.x
   New Feature JDBC-576 FIXED Connection property to ignore stored procedure type for call-escape. Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-571 FIXED Error "Current statement state (CURSOR_OPEN) does not allow call to prepare" when creating result set fails Major Closed
   Sub-task JDBC-583 FIXED JDBC-466
Firebird 4: backport timeZoneBind, sessionTimeZone and decfloatBind properties to Jaybird 3
Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-547 FIXED Generate dependency relocation artifact for org.firebirdsql.jdbc:jaybird for each release Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-557 FIXED Limit statements cached in DatabaseMetaData Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-531 FIXED SQL Error: Statement state CURSOR_OPEN only allows next states [CLOSING, PREPARED, ERROR], received EXECUTING Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-584 FIXED Some connection properties don't work from DriverManager Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-549 FIXED Support case sensitive user names Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-566 FIXED UPDATE OR INSERT with existing RETURNING clause handled incorrectly for generated keys Major Closed
   Bug JDBC-556 FIXED setSavepoint() fails on dialect 1 Major Closed
   Improvement JDBC-541 FIXED Allow to define default charset when creating a database with Minor Closed


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