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Project Lead: Mark Rotteveel
Jaybird is a JDBC driver for Firebird

Release Notes

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Component Connection pool Lead: Mark Rotteveel
  Connection and statement pooling component
Component Events Lead: Mark Rotteveel
  Support for Firebird events
Component JDBC driver Lead: Mark Rotteveel
  Main part for the JDBC 4.x specification implementation
Component JNI/JNA layer Lead: Mark Rotteveel
  Alternative implementation to the wire protocol that uses JNA (or JNI pre-3.0) to load Firebird client library. Main usage scenario is to work with the embedded Firebird
Component Services API Lead: Mark Rotteveel
  Support for Services API
Component Wire protocol Lead: Mark Rotteveel
  Pure Java implementation of the wire protocol for Firebird
Component XCA/JCA layer Lead: Mark Rotteveel
  Layer responsible for transaction management in Jave environment.


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