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Project Lead: Mark Rotteveel
Jaybird is a JDBC driver for Firebird

Release Notes

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(with open issues in each component)


(with open issues due to be fixed per version)
Component JDBC driver 41
Component JNI/JNA layer 5
Component Services API 4
Component Wire protocol 7
No Component 9
Unreleased   Jaybird 4.0.3 3
Unreleased   Jaybird 5 23
Unreleased   Non-version tasks 1
Unscheduled 32


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Project Summary

Open Open 56
Reopened Reopened 2
Resolved Resolved 20
Closed Closed 547

Open Issues

By Priority
Major Major 45
Minor Minor 11
Trivial Trivial 2

By Assignee
Mark Rotteveel 55
Roman Rokytskyy 3