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Release Date: 11/Mar/16
Description: Final Release 2.0.4
2.0.4 Final Release 2.0.4 2016-03-11T00-00

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   Bug ODBC-184 FIXED CHAR(X) fields have invalid length if using UTF8 charset and collations Blocker Closed
   Bug ODBC-196 WON'T FIX gds32.dll Failed to load in and 64 bits PC, while installing ODBC Driver Blocker Closed
   Bug ODBC-192 FIXED Incorrect conversion of time values when retrieved as string Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-191 FIXED ODBC driver doesn't show error message for Test connection button in DSN dialog Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-190 FIXED ODBC function SQLGetInfo fails if SQL_KEYWORDS InfoType is requested. Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-79 FIXED Problem with case sensitivity for table/relations name in SET TRANSACTION´s RESERVING clause Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-174 FIXED SIGSEGV received in memcpy in JString constructor incorrect input parameter Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-194 WON'T FIX Insert Long String into BLOB does not work Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-195 WON'T FIX Unable to configure a datasource Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-189 WON'T FIX when we assign -1 to null fields and fixed it to not null and want to add fields with some columns we get error Major Closed
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