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Release Notes

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Change Log

Final Release 2.0.5
   Bug ODBC-160 FIXED Bound Input Parameter of type SQL_C_WCHAR containing surrogate pairs may be truncated Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-180 FIXED Character set conversion errors in SQLGetData when reading BLOB SUB_TYPE 1 Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-179 FIXED For the SQLxxxW family of functions the Wide To Mbs conversion forwards the maximum required buffer size instead of the actual length/needed bytes of the converted input string Major Closed
   Improvement ODBC-147 FIXED SQLDriverConnect does not accept values embedded in braces: DATABASE={c:\this directory} Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-161 FIXED SQLPutData for text BLOBs doesn't do correct codepage translation for SQL_C_WCHAR source data Major Closed
   Sub-task ODBC-162 FIXED ODBC-161
SQLPutData truncates input data of type SQL_C_WCHAR when length is SQL_NTS
Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-182 FIXED Wrong set-up of empty-string in case of SQL_C_WCHAR and NULL-value Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-181 FIXED charset conversion error for sql (VAR)CHAR to SQL_C_WCHAR conversion Major Closed
   Task ODBC-201 WON'T FIX ODBC connection doesnt show up in ODBC datasource administrator (unter Windows 10) Minor Closed
Final Release 2.0.4
   Bug ODBC-184 FIXED CHAR(X) fields have invalid length if using UTF8 charset and collations Blocker Closed
   Bug ODBC-196 WON'T FIX gds32.dll Failed to load in and 64 bits PC, while installing ODBC Driver Blocker Closed
   Bug ODBC-192 FIXED Incorrect conversion of time values when retrieved as string Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-191 FIXED ODBC driver doesn't show error message for Test connection button in DSN dialog Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-190 FIXED ODBC function SQLGetInfo fails if SQL_KEYWORDS InfoType is requested. Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-79 FIXED Problem with case sensitivity for table/relations name in SET TRANSACTION´s RESERVING clause Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-174 FIXED SIGSEGV received in memcpy in JString constructor incorrect input parameter Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-194 WON'T FIX Insert Long String into BLOB does not work Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-195 WON'T FIX Unable to configure a datasource Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-189 WON'T FIX when we assign -1 to null fields and fixed it to not null and want to add fields with some columns we get error Major Closed
Final Release 2.0.3
   Bug ODBC-172 WON'T FIX FireBird ODBC Critical Closed
   New Feature ODBC-152 FIXED Boolean type support for Firebird 3 Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-81 FIXED DG4ODBC on Linux-64 connection fail Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-141 FIXED Data corrupted in Libre Base on Fedora 64 bit Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-170 FIXED Error "Attempt to reopen an open cursor" may be raised in Microsoft Access with Firebird 3 Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-153 FIXED Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit Libreoffice db still crashes Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-169 FIXED Unknown token errors when attempting to access Firebird 2.5 from Excel 2007 Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-123 WON'T FIX Fails to compile on Ubuntu 10.10 Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-173 WON'T FIX How to enable AUTO DLL COMMIT with ODBC Driver in Linux Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-176 WON'T FIX SQL_AUTOCOMMIT_ON changes to OFF after calling SET TRANSACTION Major Closed
   Improvement ODBC-150 WON'T FIX Translate error messages Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-104 WON'T FIX data truncation error when inserting utf8 characters Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-144 CANNOT REPRODUCE EOF error when only one row in the result Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-55 CANNOT REPRODUCE Garbage by serial update Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-168 FIXED Catalog functions start connection-wide transaction instead of local one Minor Closed
   Improvement ODBC-166 FIXED Help improvements Trivial Closed


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