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Description: Post 2.2 version to include additional features for Firebird 2.5 and wire protocol improvements

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(with unresolved issues in each component for this version)
   Bug JDBC-410 UNRESOLVED Incomplete statement state transitions Blocker Open
   Sub-task JDBC-329 UNRESOLVED JDBC-319
Add Java 8 / JDBC 4.2 support to Jaybird 3.0
Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-292 UNRESOLVED Allow nested JDBC escapes Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-328 UNRESOLVED JDBC-313
Check handle invalidation in new protocol implementation
Major Open
   Task JDBC-378 UNRESOLVED Check if bytebuffers in JNA need to be pooled Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-283 UNRESOLVED JDBC-266
Create test for FBMaintenanceManager limbo transactions with multi-site transaction
Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-231 UNRESOLVED DatabaseMetaData use of quoted/unquoted identifiers is inconsistent Major Open
   Bug JDBC-323 UNRESOLVED DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo column SEARCHABLE: incorrect value Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-269 UNRESOLVED Decisions on charactersets happen in to many places Major Open
   Task JDBC-401 UNRESOLVED Develop cleaner solution for closing resources on commit/rollback Major Open
   Bug JDBC-291 UNRESOLVED Exceptions during statement preparation leave connection and transaction open after explicit close Major Open
   Bug JDBC-394 UNRESOLVED Generated key grammar does not detect returning clause in INSERT ... SELECT ... RETURNING Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-187 UNRESOLVED Implement (if possible) JDBC 4.0 methods currently throwing FBDriverNotCapableException Major Open
   New Feature JDBC-340 UNRESOLVED Implement ResultSet.getObject(int/String, Class<?>) Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-294 UNRESOLVED Improve JDBC escape function implementation for CONVERT Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-214 UNRESOLVED Improve cleanup of unclosed resources like connections Major Open
   Task JDBC-367 UNRESOLVED Include new FB3 embedded quote for string literals in parsers Major Open
   Bug JDBC-251 UNRESOLVED Invalid DPB encoding for 2.5 servers Major Open
   Task JDBC-257 UNRESOLVED Investigate options for more intelligent decision of encoding for connection without explicit characterset Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-310 UNRESOLVED JDBC-308
Isolate/extract metadata ResultSet behavior
Major Open
   Bug JDBC-207 UNRESOLVED NPE in ManagedConnection#internalCommit() on fatal error Major Open
   Bug JDBC-363 UNRESOLVED Problem with getting char NONE field for UTF8 connection Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-296 UNRESOLVED Refactor implementation of {call ...} escape for better support in Statement, PreparedStatement and CallableStatement Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-297 UNRESOLVED Review (and revise) FBCallableStatement implementation Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-289 UNRESOLVED JDBC-288
Review class hierarchy of FBStatement, FBPreparedStatement and FBCallableStatement
Major Open
   Bug JDBC-226 UNRESOLVED Specifying a roleName makes all tables read only in OpenOffice / LibreOffice Major Open
   Improvement JDBC-222 UNRESOLVED Update object conversions to conform to JDBC 4.1 and 4.2 Major Open
   Bug JDBC-316 UNRESOLVED Use of FBDriverNotCapableException sometimes gives confusing exception message Major Open
   Task JDBC-409 UNRESOLVED Verify new native driver implementation on Linux Major Open
   Sub-task JDBC-346 UNRESOLVED JDBC-344
XA fix of JDBC-344 doesn't work for ManagedConnection with connectionSharing=true
Major Open
   Bug JDBC-351 UNRESOLVED executeUpdate with RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS should return update count instead of -1 Major Open
   Bug JDBC-229 UNRESOLVED getProcedureColumns metadata wrong description of RETURNS columns Major Open
   Bug JDBC-254 UNRESOLVED AccessControlException in LoggerFactory can cause driver load to fail in restricted environment Minor Open
   Improvement JDBC-243 UNRESOLVED CLONE -Add basic support for JDBC 4.0 stream/reader methods on PreparedStatement and CallableStatement Minor Open
   Improvement JDBC-218 UNRESOLVED Include GLOBAL TEMPORARY as table type in DatabaseMetaData#getTables() Minor Open
   Task JDBC-209 UNRESOLVED Investigate ResultSet behavior in autocommit Minor Open
   Task JDBC-215 UNRESOLVED Replace or remove classes in example Minor Open
   Improvement JDBC-225 UNRESOLVED Attempt to retrieve actual processId Trivial Open
Component JCA layer 2
Component JDBC driver 28
Component JNI/JNA layer 5
Component Wire protocol 5
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