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Release Date: 19/Mar/12
Description: Final Release 2.0.1
2.0.1 Final Release 2.0.1 2012-03-19T00-00

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   Bug ODBC-139 FIXED Crash when inserting values via prepared statements, bound integer value to char column Critical Closed
   Bug ODBC-137 WON'T FIX Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt Critical Closed
   Bug ODBC-143 WON'T FIX Can you help-me? Critical Closed
   Bug ODBC-140 DUPLICATE Prepared statement inserts NULL value when inserting integer values into char columns Critical Closed
   Bug ODBC-135 FIXED Alpha Five v11 does not work with Firebird ODBC Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-129 FIXED CLONE -SQLGetTypeInfo missing rows for unicode data types Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-125 FIXED Default parameters in stored procedures are not supported Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-127 FIXED Does not compile on OSX Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-132 FIXED Incorrect SQL_DESC_TYPE_NAME for 'blob sub_type text' data type Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-109 FIXED Transaction stay in active status (retaining) after select (update) statement Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-119 FIXED When saving data type text in a field of type blob subtype 1, the information is being saved in binary form. Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-120 FIXED Wrong file names and information at Install\HtmlHelp.* Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-136 WON'T FIX Error transfering data using Microsoft Project 2003 Professional. Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-133 WON'T FIX ODBC v 2.0.0151 returns wrong type of colum in calculated field. Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-131 CANNOT REPRODUCE Numeric field as integer Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-105 CANNOT REPRODUCE cannot insert integer using sqlbindparameter Major Closed
   Improvement ODBC-121 FIXED License fields not filled Trivial Closed
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