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Release Date: 28/Nov/14
Description: Final Release 2.0.3
2.0.3 Final Release 2.0.3 2014-11-28T00-00

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 16 of 16 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug ODBC-172 WON'T FIX FireBird ODBC Critical Closed
   New Feature ODBC-152 FIXED Boolean type support for Firebird 3 Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-81 FIXED DG4ODBC on Linux-64 connection fail Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-141 FIXED Data corrupted in Libre Base on Fedora 64 bit Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-170 FIXED Error "Attempt to reopen an open cursor" may be raised in Microsoft Access with Firebird 3 Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-153 FIXED Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit Libreoffice db still crashes Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-169 FIXED Unknown token errors when attempting to access Firebird 2.5 from Excel 2007 Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-123 WON'T FIX Fails to compile on Ubuntu 10.10 Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-173 WON'T FIX How to enable AUTO DLL COMMIT with ODBC Driver in Linux Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-176 WON'T FIX SQL_AUTOCOMMIT_ON changes to OFF after calling SET TRANSACTION Major Closed
   Improvement ODBC-150 WON'T FIX Translate error messages Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-104 WON'T FIX data truncation error when inserting utf8 characters Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-144 CANNOT REPRODUCE EOF error when only one row in the result Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-55 CANNOT REPRODUCE Garbage by serial update Major Closed
   Bug ODBC-168 FIXED Catalog functions start connection-wide transaction instead of local one Minor Closed
   Improvement ODBC-166 FIXED Help improvements Trivial Closed
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