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  • [JDBC-386] - Changes to transaction configuration of a connection are propagated to **all** connections to the same database
  • [JDBC-619] - Java 11 javadoc search produces incorrect links
  • [JDBC-620] - FbClientResource disposes client library incorrectly
  • [JDBC-622] - Find way to address (or at minimum document) time abberation for TIME WITH TZ literals with zones
  • [JDBC-623] - ResultSet.updateRow sets untouched BLOB fields to NULL
  • [JDBC-631] - NullPointerException in private static class SetNetworkTimeoutCommand - class FBConnection file ./src/main/org/firebirdsql/jdbc/FBConnection.java when using HikariCP


  • [JDBC-627] - Expose option to merge properties
  • [JDBC-628] - Add support for isc_dpb_no_db_triggers


  • [JDBC-624] - Firebird 4: INT128 support
  • [JDBC-629] - Use 2020-01-01 for derivation of OffsetTime of TIME WITH TIME ZONE value with named zone
  • [JDBC-630] - Add support for ZonedDateTime

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