Release Notes - Jaybird JDBC Driver - Version Jaybird 5 - HTML format


  • [JDBC-229] - getProcedureColumns metadata wrong description of RETURNS columns
  • [JDBC-386] - Changes to transaction configuration of a connection are propagated to **all** connections to the same database
  • [JDBC-550] - Connecting without username or password to Firebird 3+ yields unclear error message
  • [JDBC-619] - Java 11 javadoc search produces incorrect links
  • [JDBC-620] - FbClientResource disposes client library incorrectly
  • [JDBC-622] - Find way to address (or at minimum document) time abberation for TIME WITH TZ literals with zones
  • [JDBC-623] - ResultSet.updateRow sets untouched BLOB fields to NULL
  • [JDBC-631] - NullPointerException in private static class SetNetworkTimeoutCommand - class FBConnection file ./src/main/org/firebirdsql/jdbc/ when using HikariCP
  • [JDBC-632] - Case sensitivity first letter in escape clause
  • [JDBC-635] - Can not connect to firebird DB using specific usernames
  • [JDBC-636] - ServiceConfigurationError on iterator.hasNext() when loading plugins isn't handled


  • [JDBC-225] - Attempt to retrieve actual processId
  • [JDBC-296] - Refactor implementation of {call ...} escape for better support in Statement, PreparedStatement and CallableStatement
  • [JDBC-424] - Cleanup escape parsing to prevent multiple passes
  • [JDBC-465] - Refactor handling of metadata statements/transactions
  • [JDBC-521] - Add property url on (relevant) data sources
  • [JDBC-528] - Add support for database encryption callback in native/embedded
  • [JDBC-539] - Revise prepared statement creation
  • [JDBC-573] - Improve cursor close handling
  • [JDBC-577] - No longer transform explicit usage of EXECUTE PROCEDURE and SELECT in prepareCall
  • [JDBC-626] - Add field type information (or the field class name) in TypeConversionExceptions
  • [JDBC-627] - Expose option to merge properties
  • [JDBC-628] - Add support for isc_dpb_no_db_triggers
  • [JDBC-633] - Optimization of

New Feature

  • [JDBC-530] - Database encryption callback plugin support
  • [JDBC-533] - Investigate options to package Firebird embedded in a 'self-deploying' jar.
  • [JDBC-546] - Add permission check for RC4 encryption with 160 bits key and otherwise default to wireCrypt=DISABLED instead of ENABLED
  • [JDBC-613] - Add support for Chacha wire encryption plugin


  • [JDBC-209] - Investigate ResultSet behavior in autocommit
  • [JDBC-387] - Upgrade to JCA 1.7
  • [JDBC-401] - Develop cleaner solution for closing resources on commit/rollback
  • [JDBC-420] - Migrate build to gradle
  • [JDBC-422] - Create correct SPB version for service parameter and request buffers
  • [JDBC-614] - Drop Java 7 support
  • [JDBC-615] - Move JDBC 4.2 type handling from JDBC42ObjectConverter into FBField and subclasses
  • [JDBC-616] - Remove constants, methods, etc deprecated for removal in Jaybird 5
  • [JDBC-617] - Remove UDF support for JDBC escapes
  • [JDBC-618] - Remove dependency on JCA


  • [JDBC-289] - Review class hierarchy of FBStatement, FBPreparedStatement and FBCallableStatement
  • [JDBC-310] - Isolate/extract metadata ResultSet behavior
  • [JDBC-346] - XA fix of JDBC-344 doesn't work for ManagedConnection with connectionSharing=true
  • [JDBC-624] - Firebird 4: INT128 support
  • [JDBC-629] - Use 2020-01-01 for derivation of OffsetTime of TIME WITH TIME ZONE value with named zone
  • [JDBC-630] - Add support for ZonedDateTime

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