Release Notes - Jaybird JCA/JDBC Driver - Version Jaybird 4.0.0-beta-2 - HTML format


  • [JDBC-584] - Some connection properties don't work from DriverManager
  • [JDBC-587] - Use of Blob from result set yields NullPointerException after commit
  • [JDBC-588] - incorrectly frees blob returned from ResultSet.getBlob
  • [JDBC-599] - Jaybird SocketInputStream.socketRead0 thread blocking


  • [JDBC-529] - Implement wire protocol v15 to support encrypted security databases
  • [JDBC-589] - Add support for setNetworkTimeout/getNetworkTimeout()
  • [JDBC-590] - Don't include procedures in packages from DatabaseMetaData.getProcedures and getProcedureColumns
  • [JDBC-593] - Add binary literal prefix and suffix to DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo()
  • [JDBC-597] - Ability to trace statements execution
  • [JDBC-601] - Implement v15 protocol support

New Feature

  • [JDBC-552] - Implement DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions and DatabaseMetaData.getFunctionColumns
  • [JDBC-594] - Event Manager for an existing connection
  • [JDBC-602] - Implement statement timeouts of the v16 protocol using Statement.setQueryTimeout
  • [JDBC-603] - Implement Firebird 4 set_bind support and cleanup remapped Firebird 4 DPB items
  • [JDBC-604] - Add support for url encoded connection properties


  • [JDBC-591] - Firebird 4: check and correct precision reported in various metadata for FLOAT/REAL/DOUBLE PRECISION (for FB4+ only)
  • [JDBC-595] - Firebird 4: Support for increased precision of NUMERIC and DECIMAL (INT128)

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