Release Notes - Jaybird JCA/JDBC Driver - Version Jaybird 2.2.9 - Text format


  • [JDBC-307] - ResultSet of type CLOSE_CURSORS_AT_COMMIT isn't closed on commit
  • [JDBC-348] - Open (output) blob in auto-commit prevents connection close
  • [JDBC-400] - org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBSQLException: Exception. couldn't close blob: org.firebirdsql.gds.GDSException: invalid BLOB handle
  • [JDBC-402] - prepared CallableStatement.getMetaData() call throws exception when no input parameters provided

New Feature

  • [JDBC-399] - Use isc_tpb_autocommit for autocommit, instead of starting and committing transactions for each action.


  • [JDBC-408] - Consider implementing VARBINARY patch in 2.2

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