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  • [DNET-731] - Issue with FesBlob.GetSegment
  • [DNET-814] - Closing FbDataReader on broken connection throws IscException instead of FbException
  • [DNET-850] - Incorrect SQL generated when 2 or more columns should be returned on update
  • [DNET-851] - Can't connect with mixed case user name


  • [DNET-769] - Big models overrun the hex literal limit when inserting into __MigrationHistory
  • [DNET-853] - Less allocations in XdrStream for common operations (reading Int32, Int64)


  • [DNET-788] - Revisit System.Web workaround currently in place
  • [DNET-854] - Investigate option to remove weak references for FbCommands in connection to be able to properly track everything

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